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How Did Nick Die On Deadliest Catch (June) Know Here!

How Did Nick Die On Deadliest Catch (June) Know Here! >> This article portrays the information about the death news of a celebrity. Please check the details here.

Are you a Discovery Channel enthusiast? It is true that at some point in time, most of us have been gripped by the Discovery Channel’s action-packed shows. Be it related to the animal world, destroyed in seconds or the Manhunt series. 

One of the many series that gripped the audiences from different countries such as the United Statesthe United Kingdom etc., is Deadliest Catch. 

However, for the Deadliest Catch series, 2020 has been the most shocking and sad year with the demise of one of the most prominent and strong faces of the show Nick McGlashan. So, for people who are not aware of How Did Nick Die on Deadliest Catchthis post is for them. Hence, please keeping reading. 

About Nick

Coming from seven generations of anglers, Nick McGlashan was born for life in the sea. He was raised near Dutch Harbor in Akutan, Alaska and he got his name after his great uncle. His great uncle was said to be working on the initial boat that evolved the U.S. crab industry in 1947. 

Nick was 13 years old when he started crabbing on his father’s boat in the Bering Sea. Nick was very passionate about crabbing, and that passion was obvious when one would find him on the boat after school to work. Many times, he would complete his homework on the boat between the works.  

How Did Nick Die on Deadliest Catch

An untimely departure of loved ones from this world is always a tragedy and pain, especially for friends and family. Unfortunately, Nick McGlashan’s family, the news of his demise came unexpectedly too. 

According to the autopsy reports, as per the sources and available information on the internet, Nick (33 years old) died of a drug overdose. The authorities found him unresponsive in a hotel bathroom on 28 December 2020. 

The Person Behind the Screen 

According to people (including Captain Bill) who knew Nick personally, he was a go-getter. He has his share of ups and downs in life; however, he always worked through those hard times to emerge victoriously. Hitting home the question How Did Nick Die on Deadliest Catch. 

He was a witty individual who can fix any mechanical issues on a boat. He was a ‘true crabber’ in all sense. 


Nick rose to fame with Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” series. He has been one of the many faces on the show since 2013. Nick has worked with the series till 2020 and starred in approx. 80 episodes. 

It was a no-brainer why Nick rose to fame from the series. He was an asset to the show with his strong work ethic and wealth of experience in the boat. 

However, in season 13 of the series, Nick’s addiction got the best of him and kicked him out of the season. But that was not How Did Nick Die on Deadliest Catch. He took this opportunity to turn his life around with the help of rehab. 

Closing Thoughts

The tragic loss of Nick McGlashan at the young age of 33 years is hard-hitting and difficult to believe. For people who grew up watching the show and know about his journey to change the course of his life, his death happens to be a huge shock. 

One could only imagine the unbearable pain his family and close ones would be suffering when they lost him without a chance to say their final goodbye. All we can do is pray for the family to have strength in this difficult time. 

What was your reaction to How Did Nick Die on Deadliest Catch? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. To read more about the incident, please visit here.

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