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How Many Legs Does Lobster Have (Apr) Clear The Myths!

How Many Legs Does Lobster Have (Apr) Clear The Myths! >> Are you fond of lobsters? Go through this article to reveal some unrealistic and facts about lobsters.

Are you also confused about the of legs a lobster has? There are many people out there confused about some facts about lobsters and needs clarification on the same. It is one of the most profitable commodities in the coastal areas they are populated in.

There are many searched Worldwide by the people asking for How Many Legs Does Lobster Have? In this article below, we have mentioned some facts for your clarification about this Nephropiade family member and clarified some myths related to this breed.

What is a Lobster?

Lobster belongs to the Nephropiade family of the large marine crustaceans. They have muscular and long bodies and are generally found in the sea floor’s caves and crevices. Two of its species are a commercially important source named Nephrops- the northern hemisphere genus and Metanephrops- the southern hemisphere. They have a hard protective exoskeleton and are dark coloured, either greenish-brown or blueish brown. These colours easily blend with the ocean floor and are but hard to be visible.

How Many Legs Does Lobster Have?

This is the most important and searched question-related to these species. They have ten legs, three of which have claws. The first pair of claw legs are more significant than the second one, and also, the front pincers are their biologically considered legs. This is why they belong to Decapods (ten footed). Some of its genera possess specialized unequal claws.

Fun Facts about Lobsters:

There are some fun facts to be revealed about the lobsters and the queries related to How Many Legs Does Lobster Have! Scroll the section to get some details:

  • Lobsters original colour is not red; they turn red when cooked. Their actual colour is either green, yellow and sometimes even bright blue.
  • A lobster’s length must be at least three ¼ inches to be kept and must not exceed more than 5 inches.
  • A female lobster can do the mating after her molten process.
  • Lobsters can both swim backwards and forwards.
  • Lobsters are also sometimes identified as bugs because they have a similar nervous system as grasshoppers and ants.
  • In case of unavailability of food, they eat the small lobsters.
  • Female lobsters carry lobsters’ eggs until the time they are ready to hatch.

Some of the Myths related to Lobsters are:

Like How Many Legs Does Lobster Have, there are some myths also related to the same?

  • Some folk think that deceased lobsters are not too superior to eat, but they are unless they are reserved in a cold place.
  • Hard Shelled lobsters are easy to ship and can quickly be sent, and the fact related to hardshell lobsters’ taste is only because of its long life. They all, either soft shell or hard shell, are identical in flavour, and some are even better.

Final Verdict:

Clarifying all the doubts about lobsters, this article has mentioned all its related myths and facts for better clarity. Have you tasted lobsters before? Do share your comments in the sections below about How Many Legs Does Lobster Have

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