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How Many States Will Ban Abortion (June) Updates Here

The post discusses How Many States Will Ban Abortion and elaborates on other details.

Are you aware of the recent verdict of the United States Supreme Court related to the constitutional protection for women’s reproductive health? The news has come across as a shocker across the globe, including in the United Kingdom and Canada. As per the latest historic decision of the Supreme court on Friday, 24 June 2022, Abortion is illegal across many states of America.

This article will eliminate all the speculations surrounding the new law and provide a detailed insight into How Many States Will Ban Abortion and the law.

Why is Roe v Wade in the news?

24 June 2022 was a historic day in the US wherein the Supreme Court passed a ruling to overturn the Roe v/s Wade case. As per the latest news, 13 states in the US have immediately moved to ban Abortion across the states governed by Republicans.

It includes 13 states which are as follows:

  • Idaho
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennesse
  • Texas
  • Wyoming
  • Utah

According to sources, these states have banned the abortion law since the supreme court passed the decision. Besides, Which States Will Ban Abortion, per sources, a few await action from the state official to certify the ruling. On the other hand, few stipulate the ban to go into effect after a few days or weeks.

In the coming sections, we will be elaborating further on the court’s judgement and other details.

More details about Abortion Ban

  • Friday’s verdict on the Roe v/s Wade case came as a shocker for the globe
  • According to research, the supreme court’s ruling in the Dobb v/s Jackson Women’s health overturned the precedent set by another supreme court ruling in the Roe v/s Wade case of 1973

How Many States Will Ban Abortion? – A Detailed Insight

As per the ruling, women had the right to seek an abortion until the fetus was considered viable outside the uterus.

The banning of abortion restriction laws was categorised into three parts: trigger bans, pre-Roe bans, and limited Abortion to early gestational age.

As per sources, until now, 13 states have passed the ruling and banned Abortion. Here are a few laws passed by the states, which include:

  • Missouri law classifies Abortion as an act listed under class B felony leading to five to 15 years imprisonment as per the news Which States Will Ban Abortion. 
  • South Dakota states all abortions to be against the law unless it is necessary to preserve the woman’s life, similar to Kentucky’s prohibition.
  • Besides, the law will go into effect in other 11 states within a few days or weeks.

Final Conclusion

Many states in the list where Abortion is banned have allowed exceptions when the pregnancy may threaten the mother’s life. It is to be noted that all information is taken from sources, and we hold no claims to it.

Want to know more about How Many States Will Ban Abortion? Then read.

What is your take on the recent court ruling? Do share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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