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How to Change Discord Profile Banner (June) Read Details

How to Change Discord Profile Banner (June) Read Details >> The write-up shares the detail of the discord avatar. Please click here to know the solution with each specific step.

Do you use Discord to interact in games online? Then we’ve got something amazing for you. Discord has introduced various new additions, such as enhanced Profile Appearance choices and the Account Banner. 

Although some of those services are only available to Nitro members, ordinary account holders can still benefit. In nations like the Philippines and the United States, People are so much excited by this new introduction.

Now, let’s look into How to Change Discord Profile Banner.

What is Discord?

Discord allows people worldwide, including Canada and the United Kingdom, to connect immediately through audio, video, or text and join servers wherein bigger groups may connect. Discord’s success is due to its platform independence.

How to add a Profile Banner in Discord?

In the beta edition, non-Nitro members have restricted banner modification possibilities. You may select from a pre-made selection of neutral colors and simple patterns. All over the world, including Indonesia, people have about 10-15 alternatives.

You can have additional options if you utilize Nitro Vintage. You are free to get and upload your own banner. Read each detail of How to Change Discord Profile Banner.

Discord Account Customizing

Regarding the user’s profile banners, those that appear over your username and PFP once you tap on somebody’s ping or their name in the user list. It would be fantastic if you could alter the color of the banner or the picture of it as a unique option. 

It is identical to how Discord’s moving profile images operate. One may also create an animating banner in Regular Nitro. A profile banner is similar to a background facebook picture. Nitro, of course, provides an even greater level of customization.

You may modify your Discord profile in the following ways:

How to Change Discord Profile Banner?

  • Navigate to the individual settings page by selecting the context menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Then Go to Your Profile.
  • When you click this, you’ll notice an edit button beside your account. Customize your avatar by clicking upon this.

How to update your Discord account name?

  • To alter your Discord name, follow the given steps:
  • Navigate to User Profile.
  • Click to Your Account. Customize the name to something more suitable for you by clicking on it. 
  • Furthermore, you will get prompted to input your existing Discord credentials. Continue reading How to Change Discord Profile Banner. 
  • After you’ve input the relevant login details, select the Done button.


Discord is a team chatting platform designed primarily for gamers and has evolved into a general-purpose system for many different groups. Once the server has been upgraded sufficiently to achieve a level, putting a banner picture is quite simple. 

Locate the image in your folders or photostream and post it to your Discord server. It’s that easy. For more information, click here 

Have you ever used Discord? Please share your thoughts on the comment page down of How to Change Discord Profile Banner.

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