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How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021 {May} See!

How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021 {May} See! >> Do you know the points that will help to expand the file extension of the US-based taxpayers? Read this article that will help to extend the time

Have you ever heard How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021? This article will provide you with detailed knowledge of tax file extension for the year 2020-2021.

In the United States, it has been that the last date to submit the tax returns takes place on the 17th of May. The United States citizens have asked to pay the entire taxes of the year 2020 by this date. In some cases, if anyone finds it troubling to pay the taxes, then some guidelines or rules might help you to extend the deadline. 

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Extension of tax day for this year 

The extension of such taxes usually takes in cases of any family emergency or lack of timing from the daily schedule. In the article How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021, the ways of extension are cleared. 

Due to the Corona virus pandemic all over the world, most of the things are hampered. However, US-based taxpayers have to pay their taxes by the 15th of October, 2021 instead of the 17th of May. The form filling process is generally by visiting the IRS website. 

How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020-2021?

The United States citizens are allowed to extend their deadline by filing an extension file and are asked to fill Form 4868 as per IRS Free File Program. The file extension can only be granted over the liability of your taxes mentioned on the form and upon paying the dues. 

This article have included some points that should note while filing a tax extension file : 

  1. The extension of time to file the return does not concede to extending the time to pay the taxes.
  2. The estimation of the taxes should be done at an earlier stage to avoid any penalty. 
  3.  The extension request should be finished within the regular due date of the return. 

Types of forms required 

 A variety of forms are available on the IRS website for different taxpayers within the United States. The forms such as Form 2350 and 4768 will help to understand that How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021.As per the records, the individual has to fill and submit Form 4868 as the “Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return”. 

Some special rules apply to the people who are serving in a buffer zone or any other hazardous area and to people living outside the United States. 


After visiting the IRS website and filing Form 4868 for the individuals, the United States people can extend their deadline by the 15th of October. The website allows one to stretch the deadline regarding file return; in this article  How to File an Extension for Taxes 2020 – 2021,  we have provided detailed instructions about file extension for the United States people. For getting further details, you can visit this link.

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