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How to Get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife (Sep) Read

This article is to guide those music lovers who want to be famous musicians and will tell them about How to Get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife.

Do you have a passion for music? Currently, bitlife is a popular choice in the United States and the United Kingdom. Well, it is not an easy task, though. You will have to have that x-factor for sure. But if you are confused about where to start and how to proceed in this matter, then you are at the right place.

You stick to this article, and you will know everything about How to Get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife

Table of Contents

Overview of Bitlife

Bitlife is a life simulator game that helps you to live another life. This app came into existence on 29th September 2018. It was developed by CandyWriter LLC. The game has been created for people who are of 17yrs of age or older than that.

But it is more popular with younger players, and being a free app, anyone can access it. But the app provides the option of parental control for security. This game can be played on android and iOS platforms.

People became more interested in How to Get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife in 2019 when it became one of the most popular apps not only in Google Playstore but in the App Store as well.

It allows you to roll play and to lead a parallel life. Here you can either role-play a random life or customize your life as per requirement. There are several careers to choose from, and you can see all the options in the menu called special careers. The most popular one here is being a successful musician.

Steps To Be Followed

The most commonly asked question among players is How to get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife. The double-platinum record is like a milestone of success for musicians in Bitlife. It is the equivalent of a single, which has a selling record of 2,000,000.

Follow these steps –

  • You will have to be a solo artist
  • Your age must be of 18 years
  • You will have to have a musical talent of nearly 90% to be accepted as a musician
  • Try to publish your creations every two or three years
  • Your work has to be attractive enough to have a consistently growing sales bar

Importance of How to Get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife

If you have acquired a double-platinum record in bitlife, then it means that you are already successful in the career that you have chosen for yourself. Because selling that many copies of your work is not a matter of joke. It needs both hardwork and talent. In addition, you will have to be patient as well. Whether in real life or bitlife, you cannot be a star overnight and effortlessly.


The details are given here make it clear that acquiring a double-platinum record is a hard and time taking task. But, you can achieve it by following the steps of How to get a Double Platinum Record in Bitlife. Read here in case you need more details on Bitlife lease comment below. 

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