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How to Get Discord Banner (June) Read Details Here!

How to Get Discord Banner (June) Read Details Here! >> Looking for ways to set server background image? Read this post to know the guidelines, image type and more for better results.

Do you want to create a discord banner? If so, go through this post and know the steps to make your own. 

The discord banner is also known as Sever banner background or discord server banner. This is a nice little server image that set up to make your discord server better. It will display at the top left corner of the discord server but probably doesn’t show Worldwide.

So, without further ado, let us know How To Get Discord Banner.

Why Doesn’t The Discord Banner Show?

Not each server can use of the discord server banner. The real truth shows that servers having as a minimum of 15 server boosts can make usage of the discord server. In simple words, when the server does not get boosted at least 15 times, the discord banner won’t show. P.S- 15 boosts are equivalent to Level 2 perks.

To know how many time servers have boosted, simply click on the perks symbol (at the top right corner of the discord screen). You can check the times of server expansion. You will have to unlock level 2 perks to create a discord banner.

How To Get Discord Banner?              

To create discord banner, one must boost their server 15 times and reach level 2 to unlock the server banner. If you haven’t completed 15 times boost, you can take the help of other communities and servers that help you reach level 2.

However, you can take the help of direct servers by clicking on the page ‘boost your server.’ The server boost will cost you $3.49. Moreover, if you have discord nitro, you will receive two boosts, which you can use for boost servers. Once you have boosted servers, you can move to create a banner, so continue reading How To Get Discord Banner.

How to create a server banner?

Go to server settings, then overview. You will find the option for creating a sever banner, so follow the on-screen details and be ready to show your banner Worldwide.

What are the background guidelines?

You can create whatever you like. But the main requirement is that you will need to maintain the size of 1920*1080. Just like a banner, you can create an image with a logo or text in it.

What are the banner guidelines?

To dress up your server image, one must follow the guidelines for better results. So, before How To Get Discord Banner, knowing guidelines are very crucial.

  • Upload an image with 960*540 pixels
  • Keep the image 48px simple
  • Avoid uploading an image with text or logo.
  • Use an image that represents your game.
  • Wahoo! Task completed.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article helps you create a discord banner of your choice. Discord servers are awesome. If you are interested in designing it for yourself, then start today and don’t miss reading the guidelines for better results. For a detailed overview of creating a server banner, visit here

Was this post- How To Get Discord Banner helpful for you? Do share your thoughts in the given comment box. We are eager to hear from you. 

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