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How To Get Haki V2 Gpo (Sep 2021) Steps To Get It!

The guide shares tips on How to Get Haki v2 Gpo and the features of this ability.  

Grand Piece Online or GPO is the famous one-piece-inspired anime game on Roblox. After more than a hundred million visits and positive reviews, the developer has launched the Second Sea series of the game on 12th September 2021.

The massive update 4 brings new bosses, mini-bosses, six new islands, dozens of unique stuff, including the Haki V2. Players in the United States are attracted to the latest update and finding ways to obtain the Armament Haki V2.   

If you are also interested in obtaining Haki V2, continue reading to learn How to Get Haki v2 Gpo.

What is Haki V2 in GPO?

Armament Haki V2 or Busoshoku V2 is the ability in the game that strengthens and upgrades the ordinary Busoshoku Haki in GPO. The ability’s duration is increased by double when it is on maximum level and only lasts for 2-3 minutes. 

The color of the ability is random, and it can be changed from the Robux store. As the power is activated, it emits light color as the haki color of the users rather than orange. But, you will see no shine on the hand. The effect of the ability brightens for a few minutes and starts releasing particles. Players in the United States are attracted to this new ability and know where to get it.  

How to Get Haki v2 Gpo?

After evaluating online and analyzing the official website, we found some details on how to get the Haki V2 in GPO. Here are the steps that players have to follow to get the Haki V2 in the game: 

  • Players must obtain the Book of Spirit in the first place, and it is obtainable from Kraken. 
  • After getting the book, they have to reverberate and achieve the Spirit Essence available inside the Sharima on the Desert Kingdom. 
  • Now players have to go to the Spirit Islands and interact with Raytona and complete the assigned task. It is an essential step on How to Get Haki v2 Gpo.
  • Players have to get at least twenty hits in the mini-game to complete the task. Players have to keep clicking the Space bar when the moving line overlays. Players get two minutes to complete the job.
  • If time is over and players fail to get 20 hits, they have to re-achieve Spirit Essence and repeat the process.    

These are the steps players have to take to complete the quest and to learn How to Get Haki v2 Gpo.

To Sum Up

Roblox is a renowned gaming platform with millions of games to play. However, the anime game on the platform making news is the Grand Piece Online or GPO. 

Haki V2 is the ability that allows players to upgrade the ordinary Busoshoku Haki in the game. There is much new stuff added in the update that players can access by completing the quests. 

Do you play GPO on Roblox? Have you obtained the Haki V2 in GPO? Please share your views in the comment section of this How to Get Haki v2 Gpo post.

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