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How To Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond {Dec} Find Steps!

Our research on How to Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond will help you know how to get the Manaphy egg.

Pokemon Go has been one of the best games among all the online games. It has crossed millions of users in a very limited time period. People in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and other parts of the world have been playing this for years.

How to Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond in the Pokemon Shining Pearl? Are you know the answer to this question? If not, then this article will help you out. So stay connected with us till the end.

What is a Manaphy Egg?

Pokemon Go comes out with new surprises, bonuses, coupon codes, and gifts for its users. In the same way, Manaphy Egg is an early purchase bonus for all Pokemon users. After you are able to hatch the egg, you can use Manaphy as your companion in the game. You must have a good internet connection to hatch this egg, but Nintendo switch membership is not required. It is a paid membership which is not required.

How to Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond?

You need to follow certain steps to hatch the egg. This is a special feature for all the users of Pokemon Go. 

  • You can get this Manaphy Egg by February 21, 2022, through Mystery Gift Function.
  • It would help if you had good internet connectivity as you can avail this benefit through Get Via Internet Option.
  • A couple of hours of playtime is required to access Mystery Gift Function.
  • By keeping it to your party and Carrying this egg around your journey through the Sinnoh region, gamers will be able to hatch this egg.
  • As a result of hatching the egg, you will get Manaphy as your companion.

Following these steps will let you know about How to Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond in the Pokemon Shining Pearl. 

More on Manaphy Egg

Manaphy is a Mythical Pokemon which is a water-type launched in Generation 4. Unlike other Pokemon eggs, the Manaphy’s egg has quite a different appearance. Prior to Platinum Expansion, Manaphy was considered as the last Pokemon of Diamond and Pearl in the well-known Sinnoh Pokédex. This creature is blue in color, an aquatic Pokemon, and the only variety of Pokemon that can breed. It does not possess the ability to evolve. 

It got a red colored gem on his chest; simultaneously, it got a yellow dot below that gem. It has a dark blue iris. Based on How to Get Manaphy Brilliant Diamond, we came across that about 80% of Manaphy’s body is made up of water. It has a couple of long blue coloured antennae on its head, and its head is onion-shaped.


Summing up here, we discussed the steps on the way to hatch the egg and the commencing date of using this feature in the game. Gamers will have to wait for two months more to use this bonus. More details on Manaphy Egg can be seen on this page.  

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