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How To Get Planet Shaper Aut (Sep 2021) Answered Here!

In this How to Get Planet Shaper Aut post, you will learn about a rare stand, Planet Shaper, and how you can grab it.

Are you a fan of A Universal Time game? The game’s new update has brought many changes and made the game more exciting and enjoyable for gamers. You can do many things in the game, and one of the specifics is obtaining different things to achieve more in the game. 

There are many interesting and unique stands that you can acquire in A Universal Time game that is why it is getting popular among the gamers of the Philippines, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and many other countries. The difficulty of obtaining items depends upon the level of using them.

Let us discuss more How to Get Planet Shaper Aut further in this post.

What is Planet Shaper in AUT?

It is a Camellia track created by Alu_Dev, who is a staff member of AUT Staff team. It is shortened to PS, and Planet Shaper is an obtainable stand that has great mobility.

It is a very rare and useful stand in Roblox, which has an S tier in the tier list and in in the PVP tier list, it has A+ tier. The Planet Shaper is very annoying to fight because it has a powerful move that has a very high damage. The important feature of PS is you can’t escape or dash the move. 

How to Get Planet Shaper Aut? 

There are different ways you can obtain this Planet shaper in A Universal Time. Here are the ways you can get it:

The easiest way to get it is from the Stand Arrow. Gamers don’t know about that until recently. Some players got this PS while using the arrow. However, there is a very low probability of getting the Planet Shaper from Stand Arrow. To put it in numbers, there is chances of 1% or less to get PS. To get the Stand Arrows, you simply have to open treasure chests and meteors. This can be your answer to How to Get Planet Shaper Aut if you are lucky.

Another way to get PS is more consistent, and has more probability of obtaining it, but also, it doesn’t confirm you will get one. Open the meteors; the meteors land on beaches and mountains. After opening it press the ‘Q’ key on the keyboard to acquire your stand and then you will get the rare possibility to turn the crystallized stand into a Planet Shaper.

Planet Shaper has many interesting abilities such as Spacetime Voidgate, Ground Slam, Wing Slash, Infuse and many more. So, you must know How to Get Planet Shaper Aut.

The Final Verdict

Planet Shaper is no doubt one of the exciting features of new update of the game. It is a very significant and very powerful item to have in A Universal Time, which is why it is so rare in the game. You can try the ways mentioned above to examine your luck, and check out here to see the gameplay of obtaining Planet Shaper. 

Have you already got the Planet Shaper in the game? Tell us about your experience mentioning it in the comments section below. Also, do share this How to Get Planet Shaper Aut post to inform others.

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