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How to Get To Rold Route (March) Essential Details!

How to Get To Rold Route is the topic of this post. This article contains the instructions for reaching the Giant Mountainsides with entire steps. Scroll down.

Elden Ring has a lot to see and do, so it’s simple to get confused. This tutorial will guide you to the conclusion if you’re beginning your quest or have already invested countless hours in Elden Ring.

The Grand Lift of Rold is a topic of attraction in Canada, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom. So, continue reading to learn further about Grand Lift of Rold, such as How to Get To Rold Route and more in-depth information.

Where is the Grand Lift of Rold?

If you’re having trouble finding the Grand Lift of Rold, check to see if you’ve located the Capital City Leyndell map piece. So after the trail lies Rold’s Grand Lift. 

Users will be able to operate the elevator, proceed to the Mountaintops of the Giants, & continue the tale as much as they hold Rold’s Medallion, which was handed to them by Melina after they defeated Morgott, the Omen Prince. This is where you got the answer to How to Get To the Rold Route Elden Ring?

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring does an amazing job directing gamers through the main story and maintaining it on track. Gamers are frequently required to gather critical items or kill specified bosses. 

These important goods can get found in several places, such as robbing corpses or treasure boxes, completing NPC questlines, or being thrown by special monsters. Overall, FromSoftware pushes players to grow by encouraging them to wander and discover the Lands Between.

The Grand Lift of Rold is one area that gamers have trouble finding. Since it goes to the Mountainsides of the Giants, wherein gamers will receive assistance from the maiden Melina, this lift is critical to the primary story’s progression.

How to Acquire To Rold Route?

The Capital City Leyndell map can get spotted at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace in the Capital Edge of the city. Also, with the map in hand, gamers should return to Capital City’s main street. Travel south from the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace to re-enter the main street, which has (or had) the additional Erdtree image mini-boss.

Continue east as long as you can until you get to a big entryway. Players can use this door to access the capital’s eastern fringes. After passing through that door, gamers should go up a stairwell, keeping an eye out for adversaries along the route.

How to Get To the Rold Route Elden Ring?

A long bridge at the head of the lift will be in the game that will connect to a second lift that will carry the player below to the Forbidden Areas.


The Forbidden Regions is the only way to get from the Altus Plateau to the Giant Mountainsides Get to the Grand Lift of Rold on the opposite side, and gamers must travel through the Forbidden Regions. There seem to be two alternative adversaries between the player and the Grand Lift. We’ve covered all you need to know about How to Get To Rold Route?

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