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How To Get Tusk Act 2 Aut {Sep 2021} Get Game Updates!

Please read this article to know about the steps on How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut and evolve your character.

Have you played the online game A Universal Time? Are you aware of the popular character Tusk ACT 2? Are you stuck with Tusk ACT 1 and cannot find a way to evolve your character? Or are you still wandering in the game in search of the Tusk Character? Then read along the article to know the complete guide to obtain the Tusk ACT 2.

The game A Universal Time (AUT) is predominant in Canada and United States for its strategy-based gaming experience. How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut is a relatively simple process we will guide in this article.

What is A Universal Time (AUT)?

A Universal Time (in short AUT) is an online game based upon strategy and adventure genre. It is a fandom of a top-rated manga series JJBA or JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures. The AUT is created and owned by Universe Time Studios. The AUT is a universe of multiple manga and anime fandom such as Dragon Ball, etc., where players can fight each other to obtain upgrades and do various other things such as character and upgrade farming, etc. 

How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut ?

The game involves various stands in various tiers such as Arrow Tier, A+ Tier, B Tier, etc. One such character stand in the B Tier is the Tusk ACT 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Tusk ACT 2 is the next stand of the Tusk ACT 1 and belongs to Johnny Joestar. Johnny Joestar is a character in JJBA, part 7 titled Steel Ball Run. The stand of Tusk ACT 2 is a pretty strong character possessing quite strong powers. It is canon based stand-in-game that has various abilities. 

Before knowing about How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut, let’s know the abilities of the Tusk ACT 2.


  • LMB Combo: The user, after this attack, throws light punches at the opponent, each punch having up to ten damages and a knock-back.
  • Nail Shot: The Tusk ACT 2 does some severe nail attacks creating moderate damage to the opponent.
  • Wormhole Shot: This attack creates a wormhole to deal vortex damage to the opponent creating heavy damage.
  • Last Resort: The player uses a steel ball spin and throws it at the opponent, doing irreparable damage.

Attainability of the Tusk ACT 2:

How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut is a guided and straightforward process in the game. To attain the Tusk ACT 2, the player has to first interact with an NCP called Johnny Joestar, who at random appears in the place called Devil’s Palm.

After interacting, the player needs Saint’s Left Arm, and then the player is given a task to grind the nails, which means that the character needs to perform a move called “Nail Glide” for a specific time to begin evolution.


Therefore, as our conclusion, we can say that the process of How to Get Tusk Act 2 Aut is a pretty simple task to do. The players need to follow specific steps and can then get the character evolved. However, the trick is that the NCP Johnny Joestar does not always appear, and there is only one-third of a chance to get an interaction with the NCP. But you must also remember that Not all Robux Generators are Safe!

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Is this article helpful? Tell us by comments.

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