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How to Make a Bad Boss Leave?

How to Make a Bad Boss Leave?: One of the most common reasons for dismissal is toxic leadership. That is, when the manager does not provide opportunities for professional development and does not value and respect employees enough, which reduces their productivity and self-esteem. And this applies to all professions, including frontend freelance jobs. What to do if the only way out of the situation is dismissal? 

Who is the bad boss?

To begin with, let’s determine which manager can be considered chronically bad:

  • if their claims are constant and groundless 
  • if the volume of your duties increases, but the financial incentive does not
  • if all decisions are made unilaterally without considering employees’ opinions

If your boss is like that, you have a choice — to put up with it or quit.

Is it possible to work with a bad boss?

If you want to try the first option, here are five tips on how to work with your superiors:

  1. Do not respond to aggression with aggression

Always argue your rightness with facts and figures. It is better to focus on work, which will increase your self-confidence and allow you to discuss everything on an equal footing.

  1. Stand up for yourself

If the manager’s claims against you are unfair, do not be afraid to tell them about it directly in their face, and not behind their back gossiping with colleagues. It may even improve your relationship.

  1. Be a leader

Try to be autonomous at a professional level, and perform tasks without a manager’s involvement, especially if your boss is a person who oppresses all the initiatives and professional attempts of subordinates.

  1. Don’t get stuck

Remember that there will be many managers in your life, so take everything that happens calmly. Do not waste your nerves and energy on pointless arguments.

  1. Analyze the experience gained

You can learn valuable things not only from a good manager but also from a bad one. Analyze your boss’s behavior and mistakes and remember to be better.

How to get rid of a bad boss

As practice shows, a toxic relationship with the boss is the cause of chronic overwork and, as a result, the dismissal of employees. So, how to get rid of a boss with problematic character and intolerable behavior?

  1. Make sure you are 100% sure of your decision

As soon as you declare your desire out loud, there will be no going back. Therefore, think about whether you want it or are just tired and need a rest. Also, think about plan B, where you will go to work, and prepare for the interview (https://anywhere.epam.com/en/blog/front-end-developer-interview-questions).

  1. Report this to your supervisor personally

Do it without leaving a statement in the personnel department but warning about it. Be diplomatic, balanced, and argue why exactly you will do this.

  1. Be ready for any reaction

Gather your spirit to accept your boss’s unexpected reaction to the dismissal with dignity. Since we are talking about a difficult boss, you should prepare well mentally.

  1. Complete all tasks

To end your work at the company on a good note, finish all the cases, complete all the projects, and be ready to help the new employee who will come in your place.

Remember that this is only your decision. Defend it with dignity. Look for your place under the sun if you feel you have no chance for personal and professional growth in this team.

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