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Professional Tips on How to Make A TikTok Video

TikTok was officially launched in 2016 and back then almost nobody had faith in this social network. It was really hard to believe that there is a space for such a simple application in a competitive space of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nowadays, millions of people around the world and especially in the USA are using the official application for iOS and Android. It is important to notice that the appearance of this social network has led to the demand for third-party Tik Tok video effects Vjump.com in a form of an editing app. It is available for free and it is important to look at how it can be used for the creative process of making a video. 

The Best Starting Point

Before recording a video for TikTok, it is important to complete the most important thing — create an account. In order to do that, users need to download the official application of the social network via the App Store on iOS and Google Play Store on Android. During the registration process, it is possible to use Facebook, Apple, Google, or Twitter for personal information that will be needed for the platform. In order to activate the profile, TikTok will send a code that should be entered into the account. 

The First Video

Now it is time to talk about how to create the first video. It is the exact moment when the TikTok editing app should be used for the creation. This is important because it is impossible to escape the fact that no matter which topic will be chosen for the video, viewers want to see an eye-popping image. To achieve great results, it is recommended to use editing software, which allows you to add effects, filters, transitions, and more. There is no need to worry about how the video will be edited, because this process is automated, which is helpful for beginners. 

How to Choose a Topic for the Video? 

To choose the right topic for shooting a video, it is recommended to pay attention to what is currently in trend. There are certain topics that users use to shoot their own variations of a particular type of video. To make it easier to choose a trend, pay attention to a special tab inside the official app. But in order to achieve the best possible result, it is important to use the TikTok video editor as it allows you to implement different effects fast and make videos look like they were made by a professional. 

Step by Step Instruction on How to Shoot a Video

If the user is not interested in how to edit TikTok videos with third-party software, it is possible to simply shoot a video with the help of the official application. In order to make everything correct, it is recommended to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Tap the “Create Your TikTok Video” button at the bottom of the application;
  2. Choose a desired TikTok video length;
  3. Record or upload a pre-recorded TikTok Video;
  4. Add music or special effects via the application. 

But be ready that the effects in the original TikTok are no match to those that can be found in the best TikTok editing app from VJump. 

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