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How To Play Specimen Zero (June) Let Us Know Here!

How To Play Specimen Zero (June) Let Us Know Here! >> This article will share the details about the horror graphic game and its features.

Are you a game lover? Do you have an interest in horror games and searching for such games? If yes, then we are sharing information about an amazing game that you can try.

The game Specimen Zero is shortlisted by many users from the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries. The horror graphics of the game attract users to a great extent. 

This article will help you apprehend the details about How to Play Specimen Zero and install it. So, please stay tuned till the end also to come across the user’s comment.

About the Game

Specimen Zero is an online game available for all android and iOS users. It was firstly launched on 20 December 2020. Therefore, it requires an android version of at least 4.4 and so on.

The game belongs to the cafe studio. It has several versions that enhance the features of the game. It has ghost mode, multiplayer features, camera, timer with soundtracks. It is free of cost while downloading, but it has many items that you need to purchase in various ways. 

How to Play Specimen Zero?

The game involves the monster and the players. It starts with a dark room as you are kidnapped. The player needs to find the way to escape from the place and reach a safe zone.

There is a monster over there who kills everyone who tries to escape, so you need to be silent and attentive. If you make noise, the monster may see you and kill as well. You can play this game with your friends by creating multiplayer rooms. 

The last left player is the winner who is left only till the end and that too safe by the monster.

Gamers’ Comments

After knowing How to Play Specimen Zero, it is also essential to check the comments by the early player. The satisfaction of players is important for the game to achieve great heights. 

There is the outstanding response from the player’s side. It has almost 29,717 ratings, out of which many ratings come under 5-star.

People have given many suggestions to the company to enhance the features by covering the drawbacks as they stuck while leaving the room. The great graphics and future commitment of the users are adding more and more player daily.

To check for reviews and comment on How to Play Specimen Zero before playing it, please click on the link. 

The Bottom Line

This article shares the details about the horror game that may amazingly entertain you. But the game features do not allow the children to play the game. 

Also, stay updated as the game launches many versions. You can play it on your phone as well as on the computer. You can download the game using the apk or directly by the play store.  . But do not use any third-party link to get the game and its items for free.

Do you already know How to Play Specimen Zero? Have you already installed it? Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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    1. Hello Ashley! Thank you that you asked your query. We could say that our research says that for iPhone users this is not available on the apple Os. You can not download it from there. Tough you could find many videos sharing that iPhone user can download. But those are not legit and not worth it. So you can go ahead with the android version. Stay Safe.

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