How to Play Week 7 Fnf {April} Get The Answer Here!

How to Play Week 7 Fnf {April} Get The Answer Here!>> Find out how to play the recently uploaded level in a famous video game.

Are you interested in knowing how to pay the newest level in a popular video game? Avid fans of Fnf are searching for the answer to the query of how to play week 7 Fnf

Video games are widely played in countries like the United States, Romania, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. This game is also hugely popular among gaming enthusiasts. 

This write up will share all the essential details about the game and its new levels. 

About Fnf

It is a rhythmical game in which players have to dance and fight simultaneously. The open-source game is available on Browser game, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. 

During a competition on Newground, game developers who go by the name ninjamuffin99, KawaiSprite, PhantomArcade3k, Evilsk8r. 

How to play week 7 Fnf

In the game, levels are referred to as weeks. Ideally, week 7 implies that it is the seventh level. This particular week is being called Tankman. 

The song tracks featuring in this specific week of Fnf are Ugh, guns, and stress. In this level, a couple visits a military zone which is prohibited for the ordinary public. After visiting the restricted location, the boyfriend will have to fight John Captain, aka Tankman.  

This exclusive character is the villain in this specific level. Keep reading as we ley down the details of How to play week 7 Fnf

Things to know about it: 

  • It is among the most popular indie games in the world of video games
  • It is a free-to-play game. 
  • Week 7 of this game has attracted a lot of attention.
  • The week 7 update was recently released on 18th April. 
  • The game Fnf was released in October 2020. 
  • There are multiple mods, tributes, and memes in the game. 
  • In this game, gamers have to take part in musical duels. 
  • The protagonist in the game is called the boyfriend, who engages in battles for his girlfriend. 
  • It is an online game that can’t be downloaded.
  • Players can play this game on Newground. 

Public reaction 

In this section of the How to play week 7 Fnf write-up, we will share the details of how the player base of the game is reacting to this new week. 

We came across plenty of posts in which players express their joy and excitement to indulge in week 7 of this fun and musical game. 

On social media networking sites like, many players are sharing their experiences by posting videos. However, the problem with the game server seemed to have caused a dent in the experience of the players. 

Concluding remarks

The above How to play week 7 Fnf post helps readers understand the way to play the game and what makes this specific level different from others. 

Have you played week 7 of Fnf? Let us know your answer by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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