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How to Prepare for a Cross Country Relocation

How to Prepare for a Cross Country Relocation – If you are considering relocating to a city in an entirely different state, you can expect quite a few hurdles along the way. There’s no telling how much time you’ll need to adjust, but moving cross country can be a breeze with proper preparation and planning.

Preparing for a cross-country move isn’t as easy as packing your boxes and waiting by the moving truck. There are several things you’ll need to do before you even start packing – from financial planning to getting your pets ready, every aspect of your life will change once you make the Big Move. If you’d like to make the move a little bit easier, then check out the cross-country moving tips below.

1. Start Saving for Your New Life

If you’re moving across the country, then that means that you’ll need to pay for a plane ticket and a truck rental. You might even need to stay in an Airbnb until your new home is ready. All of these costs can add up quickly, so it’s best if you start saving as soon as possible.

If you’d like to avoid spending a lot of money during your cross country Move, then we suggest you pack all of your belongings in shipping boxes. These boxes come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large and can fit just about anything so that storage won’t be an issue. Shipping boxes are also great for keeping fragile items safe on their way to your new home.

2. Get Your Pets Ready for the Move

If you have pets, you know that it’s best to keep them entertained during a house move, especially when there are no walkable areas nearby. If you’re planning on bringing your furry friend with you, then now is the time to get them ready for the big day.

If you’re looking to take your dog on a long road trip, then we suggest getting an SUV that’s large enough to carry all of your pet’s supplies. You’ll need to pack their food, water bowls, leashes, toys, and medications. It might be best if you familiarize yourself with all of your pet’s needs ahead of time, so you’ll know exactly what to pack and won’t forget anything important.

3. Do Your Research

Before the moving day arrives, it might be a good idea to do some research on the area you’re moving into. If possible, we suggest visiting your new city at least once before you move. Not only will this help you decide what neighborhood to move into, but it can also give you a better idea of how long the moving process might take.

If you’re moving across the country for work, then we suggest researching which companies in your new state offer similar jobs to the ones in your current city and state. If you’re relocating with a large family, then it might be best to move somewhere that offers a good school system for your children.

Research moving companies that can accommodate your moving dates. Refer to moving companies listed on MyLongDistanceMovers.com, here you can find an extensive list of movers in an around your town and can do a quick comparison about prices and services to choose from.

4. Plan Ahead for the Unexpected

Since you’ll be relocating to an entirely new state, there’s no telling what might go wrong on moving day – and that means anything from traffic jams to electronic mishaps. If possible, we suggest creating a detailed plan of action ahead of time with your family and friends. This way, there won’t be any unexpected problems that will cost you more time during the Move.

If your new home is still being built or renovated, then you might not have an address to put on your moving truck reservation. Thankfully, you can just use the property’s street number as its address – though it would be wise for someone to go to your new home first before the moving truck arrives.

5. Stay Organized

One last tip is to keep things organized during this transitional time with a cross-country move checklist. You can also create one for your car so that you won’t forget anything important on your way there! These checklists are extremely useful when planning your relocation and will help you stay one step ahead.

Whenever possible, try to eliminate one or two steps from your checklist by prepping for the big move ahead of time. Whether it’s packing away certain items or reserving a moving truck, this little preparation can go a long way in ensuring that your cross-country relocation goes smoothly!

6. Consider Your Budget

If you are moving long-distance for work, there isn’t usually much of choice. However, if it is possible to move closer to your new job location, that will likely save some money. You’ll need to consider the costs of travel and lodging both during the transition time and after you arrive at your new home.

Your budget can also determine whether you can hire someone to help you move versus doing everything yourself. By hiring movers, you’ll be able to save time and energy that could better be spent on preparing for the next phase of your life.


While making a cross-country move can be stressful, planning it ahead of time will make the transition easier. If you keep your pets entertained and prepare for any unexpected problems, then moving day should go off without a hitch! Just remember to familiarize yourself with the area you’re relocating to, so you know what to expect when finding work, schools, and new places to eat.

By creating a checklist ahead of time, you’ll always know what steps are next on the agenda. Consider your budget and see if this is something you can afford while also considering any potential problems that could pop up during the relocation process. Finally, prepare for the moving day by keeping your pets entertained and planning for the unexpected. With a bit of preparation, you can have a smooth cross-country move!

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