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How to Protect Your Home this Christmas

Christmas is all about pouring out love. However, that does not imply that you also pour out your personal belongings. All over the world, Christmas is a symbol of goodwill as the spirits are running high on generosity, but at the same time, it is one of the worst times for crime and theft. 

During Christmas, people are knee-deep into the process of planning and shopping. Unfortunately, this is why they frequently leave their house, which provides a perfect opportunity for burglars to gear into action and commit theft.

According to CSO, crimes have soared 43% in Ireland in one year. And it is predicted that this number will increase during Christmas. Therefore, it is vital that one must take full precautions to install home alarm systems in Ireland, especially when there is a chance your house will be unattended for a while, or you’re placing gifts outside under the Christmas tree.

Here are some of the ways through which you can set up home alarm systems in Ireland:

Motion Sensors Lights

Get a motion sensor light that can also be attached to the Christmas lights on the tree outside. This burst of flood light ensures that the burglar would turn around and walk away instead of risking exposing himself by walking past the spotlight.

Notify a Neighbour

If you’re going away from your home for a week or two, then it’s best to let your neighbour know so they can keep an eye on your property to report in case of suspicious activity when your house is unattended.

Wireless Powered Lights

Your floodlights should not have a wire attached because that is the first thing burglars cut to ensure they won’t get caught. So you should use a battery, solar-powered lights, or an outdoor electric outlet so burglars can’t use a shortcut to manipulate the system.

Hide Your Presents

You should ensure that your pile of gifts is not visible outdoors because even though it makes things more festive around that time of the year, it also lures in burglars as candy shops do for kids. Don’t leave your packed gift boxes in sight to avoid getting the attention of burglars.

Use Your Social Media Responsibly

It is not news that many robbers often prey on their next target by stalking people on social media. Therefore, if your account is accessible to everyone, ensure that you’re not yielding too much information regarding the insides of your house and giving information about being on a trip and leaving your home temporarily empty.

Get Robust Windows and Doors 

Undoubtedly, most burglaries start from someone breaking into the house through windows. So, you should focus on windows and doors that are strong enough to ensure that no one can break into your home to commit a crime.

Maintain an Inventory

During the Christmas season, when a crime is at its all-time high, it is not harmful to maintain an inventory list of your house. This simple rule has helped millions of people stay on track and ensured that all of their items are present. 

Cancel All Deliveries

If you’re going out of town for a bit of a while, ensure that all of your pending deliveries are made. If they are not delivered, you should cancel the deliveries for a while before figuring out how to proceed.

Park your Car in the Driveway

If you’re leaving your home for a few days, then make sure you leave the car in your driveway before you leave. This simple trick may give the burglars a sense of fear and renders their project stagnant as they’d think that right now is not the best time as someone is already in the house.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We can deduce that home alarm systems in Ireland are a necessity during the bustling season of Christmas. But there is no doubt that pockets are running thin during the gift-giving season, which is why you can follow some tips and tricks to ensure your house stays safe.

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