How to Sell a Used Car Profitably (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are ready and want to sell your car, then today you can do it in one click! Even if your car is in really poor condition, you can still have a chance to make a profit. Companies like JunkcarsUS literally say: “We buy junk cars in Milwaukee for the best price!” However, there are a few important aspects to keep in mind before selling your car to anyone.

In this article, we will talk about how to prepare for the sale, what is important to take care of in order to sell an old car profitably.

There is no doubt that in order for a car sale transaction to be successful, it must go through several stages. As a seller, you should be aware that the sooner you put your advertisement about your car on the market, the more profit you can make from it. You also need to know that in order to get a good price, you have to be good at targeting your customers. If you don’t have any ideas where to start and how to continue, then this article is exactly for you, get the right reflexes and better sell your car.

When is the best time to sell used cars?

The first thing you need to pay attention to when reselling a car at the best price is the time frame.  In this regard, you should know that from the first year after buying a new car, it loses at least 30% of its value. After that, its value decreases by about 10% every year. Of course, several factors can positively or negatively affect this discount.  This is for example:

  •  automobile model;

  •  Its mileage;

  • damage resulting from a possible traffic accident, etc.

When you consider all of these criteria, you can end up with a car that doesn’t cost a lot. Then you realize that investing in refurbishing it before selling it would be a waste of money. In such a situation, you can simplify your life and get rid of the car without formalities. All you have to do is use a service like JunkcarsUS. The auto expert accepts your car in its current condition and even without a technical inspection.

On the other hand, if the car is still in good condition and you think you can get a good price for it, then you need to choose the right time to put it on the market. We have prepared some information that you can take into account in order to do it: 

  • January is not the best time to sell a car, because after the holiday season the bills are in the red;

  • To sell a convertible, it is better to wait for the beautiful summer days, because in winter you will have very few buyers;

  • It is in September that city cars and cars over 5 years old sell best;

  • To sell an SUV, station wagon or minivan, as a rule, it’s better to choose a period before the school holidays.

What criteria should be considered when targeting buyers?

If you have already decided to sell your car to an individual and you know when to put your car up for sale, the next step is to target your buyers. At this level, you should be aware that, depending on the region, buyers will tend to prefer less polluting vehicles.

For example, in a densely populated area like Washington, you would be hard-pressed to find people interested in a diesel car that is several years old. On the other hand, pollution protection standards are less stringent in rural areas. This way you will be more likely to find buyers. In addition to pollution levels, used car buyers consider the following criteria:

  •  Quality image or reputation of the car;

  •  insurance price;

  •  Consumption ;

  •  Model reliability level;

  •  Service cost.

So, as a seller, you must consider all of these criteria to determine how to target your potential buyers.

What about repairing the car before selling it?

It is true that some preparations are necessary to sell a used car at the best price. However, we must pay attention to the other side of the coin. Indeed, some buyers are much more wary of the fact that the car seems in “too good state”. 

Therefore, do not overdo it, as this may cause suspicion among your potential buyers. You don’t need to buy expensive accessories or upholstery to decorate your old car. Just make it functional and presentable.

How to make the procedure as fair and transparent?

First of all, it’s important to know that selling between individuals is not the only option for selling a used car. Indeed, you can opt for a much simpler solution that will save you from the usual lengthy formalities associated with these types of transactions. It’s about letting JunkcarsUS pick up your car. The procedure is simple, fast and does not even require technical inspection.

On the other hand, if your car is still in good condition, you can put it on the market to get the maximum profit from it. If you choose this option, then you will need to collect several documents that you need to give to your buyer. You will definitely need to have documents such as:

  • Certificate of technical control not older than 6 months;

  • Vehicle registration document;

  • Tax certificate, also known as an administrative status certificate.

In order to prove your good faith and conduct the transaction in full transparency, you can add all other documents related to the vehicle that may be useful to the buyer. These include various repair bills, maintenance books, etc.

Moreover, as a seller, you should know that you are responsible even after signing the deed of sale. Even if there is no warranty, the buyer can still sue you for a hidden defect. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct a thorough check of the car in order to identify any breakdowns or malfunctions. The ones you don’t intend to fix, you should notify the buyer so they can make an informed decision.

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