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How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Us (Mar) Get Detail

How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Us (Mar) Get Detail -> Are you enjoying the new chat feature in among us? Kindly read our post to know how can you disable the chat feature!

Have you updated the among us game? Did you explore the new chat feature? You may have updated the among us game and enjoyed the chat feature. Many gamers are asking “How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Uson Google. We are here to derive the reasons behind such a question and answer it in detail. 

Since the gamers started asking the question concerning disability the chat feature, it has become a trend. The United Kingdom and the United States game experts are giving multiple solutions for the same. However, you can now find all essential details concerning the question and the answer in one place. Please continue perusing the post to know more about it!

What is among us quick chat?

The chatting feature was available in the among us game but only when the crewmembers needed to find the imposters. Now “How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Us” question is tending when the developers have added a quick chat feature. It allows you to talk with opponents or team members while playing the game. 

You can now send messages to your among us friends or opponents without waiting for the voting time to find an imposter. The new QUICK CHAT feature has made the gaming experience efficient and smoother worldwide among us players

Should you disable the quick chat feature?

Since the question is trending on search engines and social media platforms, the gamers are asking if they should disable the chat feature or not. The question is “How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Us. According to us, disabling chat feature decision is all up to you. 

Your gaming experience relies upon you. The among us game has options to use normal or quick chat feature whenever you want. In this manner, you get the switch to normal chat without getting spammed with text messages. 

How can you disable the quick chat feature?

You need to refer to the steps listed below to disable the quick chat feature among us. They are listed as:

  • Qualify the age limit to play the game or use the quick chat feature. 
  • Search “How to Turn off Quick Chat in among Us” on your web.
  • Read the guidelines to switch normal chat to quick chat and vice versa. 
  • Go to your game settings and select the gear icon.
  • Check the options of chat and select quick or normal for your game

Our Final Thoughts:

We understand that not everybody is accustomed to changes in a short period. Therefore, the above-listed question is surfacing on the internet for numerous reasons. Do you want to disable the quick chat feature in among us game? Please share your answer in the comment section. It will also help if you review our article and spare some words of appreciation!

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