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How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode {May} Read It!

How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode {May} Read It!>> if you are a regular Snapchat user, this article will help you explore more about a mode. Let’s check how to use this new dark mode.

Snapchat is an application for messaging where you can chat with your friends globally and send them photos and videos. And on snapchat, you can maintain streaks with your friends by sending them snaps and short videos. Snapchat has become a very popular application among youngsters, and snapchat is under 10 most used messaging applications. You all must be eager to know How to Turn Snapchat into Dark ModeSnapchat is very popular among Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia. Snapchat is popular among youngster generations, especially below 16.

What is dark mode?

The dark mode is a very popular feature among social media applications and mobile phones. These days almost all social media applications have a dark mode feature which allows changing the colour of the app into a dark tone instead of a light tone that can look good and may save your battery life of their phones by which you can use your device for a longer period of time. To know How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode Stay on the page.

Advantages of using dark mode:

  • l It saves energy for smartphones with OLED or AMOLED screens.
  • l In low light conditions, dark mode is best for reducing eye strain.
  • l By using dark mode, flickering is also reduced and minimizes blue light emission.
  • l It also looks better than the default white background of applications

Disadvantages of using dark mode:

  • l Dark mode is not best in high light conditions like under direct sunlight 
  • l Font seems washed out during the daylight
  • l Font and screen is not visible properly in dark mode during the high light condition

How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode? 

For now, Dark mode feature is currently available for apple users and available to few users only. Android smartphones don’t have this feature but is in beta testing, and this feature will be available to them soon.

Following are the steps to turn on dark mode on snapchat:

  • l Open the snapchat application on your smartphone and sign in to your account.
  • l Tap on your profile picture, which is present on the top left of your mobile screen.
  • l Now, tap on settings from the top right corner of your mobile screen
  • l In the setting menu, tap on the option “App appearance” and tap “always dark” to enable dark mode on your smartphone. 

So these are the steps telling How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode?


So now we would like to end our article. We have provided you briefly that how you can turn on dark mode on your phones by the above points. For further details about dark mode on snapchat you can tap on the link shared below:

The above link will direct you to the snapchat official site to the support section, where you can solve your other queries. Your feedback and reviews are very valuable to us. Please let us know did we manage to solve your problem on How to Turn Snapchat into Dark Mode?

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