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How to Verify Age on Roblox (Nov 2021) Check The Steps!

The news shares the steps for Age Verification on Roblox. Read the points mentioned below to get enough clarity about How to Verify Age on Roblox today. 

Are you also stuck in the age verification process on Roblox? Why do you need to complete the age verification process on Roblox?

These questions are the recent trending hits on the internet as people in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and multiple other parts of the world are constantly looking for its answers.

Scroll down the headers mentioned in this article below to get correct answers for How to Verify Age on Roblox and get to know the reasons for the same!

Age Verification Process on Roblox:

Roblox has recently introduced the new age verification process for its players and users. Those who want to activate the spatial voice or enable the voice feature of Roblox need to complete the given process to get the same started.

The Roblox Company Community is growing at a very fast pace, both in international and national markets. More than 50% of the users of this platform are aged around 13. Therefore, the age verification process will ensure that everyone will have a chance to express themselves freely, both respectfully and safely.

How to Verify Age on Roblox?

Players need to follow the simple below-mentioned steps to get their age verified-

  • The player first needs to log in to their respective account.
  • After this, they need to go to the setting tab, selecting Account Info from the same.
  • Under their DOB section, players will spot an option for age verification.
  • After clicking on the same, a pop-up will appear on their screen to scan the given QR code.
  • After scanning, you will be redirected to a new age verification window where the document list will be provided, completing the process for How to Verify Age on RobloxClick on start session and follow further as instructed by the window. It might take a few minutes to complete the entire process.

What are the limitations of this process?

Roblox is trying to develop a safe user interface, thereby introducing the age verification process for the platform. But the same has some drawbacks also. As we have already discussed, more than 50% of the players associated with the platform are below the age of 13.

Therefore, the age verification process will ask players to scan and submit their IDs where the age barrier might interfere with their gameplay. If you have scrolled down all the steps for How to Verify Age on Robloxyou might be aware of the steps asking to upload the IDs, further asking for the on-the-spot selfie. Roblox Official Platform will therefore help you with many clarified steps for the same and read details on Do All The Robux Generators Unsafe or not.

Final Verdict:

After covering up all the recent age verification hype points, you might now have gained enough clarity about the process. The process has both its pros and cons: the account safety and cons that people below the age of 18 will have to face some difficulty.

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