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Humblecrate Com Reviews [April]: Is The Website Legit?

Humblecrate Com Reviews [April]: Is The Website Legit? >> Certainly, one might have this doubt about any ecommerce website. In this post, we will let you know details regarding Pros and Cons of using this website. Read the post and then decide about order from this website.

Are you are a shopaholic? Do you love to experiment with different online shopping sites for a change? If yes, you must be here to know humblecrate com reviewsIt is a newly developed United States-based online shopping website selling many practical products that you may require in your day to day life. 

Though you are ready to buy products from a new website, there are many people who have trust issues. So, most of the time, people don’t know whether the website they have selected for their online purchase is legit or not. Similarly, there are many users who want to know more about humblecrate com reviewsThis article will help you in knowing what customers have to say about the website. 

What is humblecrate com? 

Humblecrate is an online shopping website selling a variety of daily necessities products. Some of the products that you can easily purchase from this website include disposable gloves, mascara, cushions, acupuncture pen, bracelets, bangles and much more

More specifically, you will find almost every necessity on this website. The best about this website is its prices. You will find that the prices are very affordable and less than many other popular websites. So, if you don’t have trust issues and you are always ready to take a risk, you can try placing an order from this website. 

Who’s Humblecrate is for? 

As the website has a lot of things to offer to the customers, it is so far not targeting one group of customers. The website is, therefore for all demographics. From men, women to children and old age people, you will find products of all your requirement on this website. 

But before buying anything from a new website the most important thing is to look for its reviews. Humblecrate com reviews will help new users to know whether they can trust the website or not. Also, they will come to know about the refund and return policy, product quality, and customer support service. 

Benefits of using Humblecrate 

If customers know about the benefits of the website from which they are going to order the product, trust can be built. If you have a question in mind that is Humblecrate legit or scamreading the benefits and customer reviews will help you in finding out the answer to this question.

Some of the benefits are: 

  • Humblecrate.com has a secured connection because it is protected by SSL. SSL is essential for any online shopping website because it protects the users from attacks done by middlemen. 
  • There are no traces of any suspicious code on humblecrate.com 
  • Humblecrate.com has an e-mail server. Though it is a good sign for the website, it does not guarantee anything about the reliability of the website.   

What are people saying about Humblecrate.com? 

More than 90% of the reviewers on Facebook have given a 5-star rating to the website. Customers are happy with the collection on the website. Also, they are satisfied with the product quality. There are many customers who have shown positive responses because they have received their product on time and in perfect condition. 

After seeing the customer reviews, you can trust the website. But you are suggested to place an order of a low amount if you are ordering any product for the first. 


  • Is shipping available outside United? 

Yes, Humblecrate offers worldwide shipping. 

  • Do the website offer a refund or return on damaged products? 

Yes, if you have received a damaged product, it will be replaced without any additional cost on the customer. However, the website does not offer any return or exchange on the product. 

  • How to track the package?

The customer will receive tracking information once their order is dispatched. Customers can easily check the status of their order by visiting ‘track your order’ page. If you face any problem while tracking your order, you can visit the customer support team at hello@humblecrate.com and ask for your queries.  

  • How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Once the order is shipped, the customer will receive it within 7 to 10 business days. 


The trend of online shopping is increasing among people every day, and so more online shopping stores can be seen. But along with some genuine shopping stores, you can find stores which do scam. But if you research well before placing your order from any new website, you can safeguard your money and personal information. Humblecrate.com reviews are positive, and customers who have bought a product from this website has received it on time. Still, this is a very new website to trust completely. So, look for privacy policy and terms and services page of the website before placing order. 

0 thoughts on “Humblecrate Com Reviews [April]: Is The Website Legit?

  1. This site is a rip-off during a national emergency. Ordered 2 N95 masks and paid up front. They sent inferior cheaper masks and did not refund the difference. To date, they refuse to acknowledge their scam.

  2. About to file a complaint on this organization. I am very high profile with a history of connections that could assist me hear. I need to speak with a representative immediately concerning an order that cannot be tracked. So far, not so good. Spoke with a company with similar name which says they get calls daily for list or missing items from the Humble Crate online company.

  3. Bought 4 face shields on March 30 and they have still not arrived. According to tracking information they have been in CA since April 8th. They have stopped answering my emails and their Facebook site has been taken down. Complete scam.

  4. This is ridiculous I have ordered ONE piece two weeks ago, they have provided me a tracking link that does not work, I keep sending emails asking for clarifications and they keep not answering my questions and sending the same exact email with the same exact non-functioning link. I asked for a refund and they keep not answering. It is absolutely unacceptable especially during these difficult times where money is precious.

  5. Bought masks on March 30. After filing a missing package with USPS I received them APR. 27. They are nothing like the product they showed. Cheap and inferior! You can’t even see thru them. This is junk!

  6. I just received an order for face masks and gloves that I put in last March. Not only did it take more than a month to receive my order, but the face shields are so lame and nothing like the sample photo on Facebook. By the way, I can no longer find this company on Facebook. I wanted to report them as scam artists, typical of garment companies from China that used to be on Facebook and have scammed thousands of people. I have learned my lesson never to order from Chinese companies on Facebook again. You can easily tell when you put in an order and a pop-up promo appears offering you a discount for more quantity. Buyers beware of these scam artists!

  7. Ordered some self threading needles from thes people on April 6 2020. Recieved a email with tracking on April 14 2020. Shows item is in California. Contacted company by email last week to inquire why I haven’t received my order. Today I get a answer for email. Tells me there was a flood in Florida warehouse that my shipment was delayed because of that. Don’t believe this is anymore than a canned response to all emails.

  8. It appears this company is nothing more than a joke, the items they advertise are definitely not the ones you eventually receive. Their answer to my numerous emails are nothing more than excuses, from floods in warehouses, to problems with their vendors and shipping problems. Even a response from their CEO was yet another load of excuses

  9. This company is nothing more than a joke, the products they show on their website are nothing like the products you eventually receive. I ordered Anti virus face shields , which were expensive, only to receive a flimsy piece of perspex attached to a piece of thin elastic.
    Numerous emails have been sent to them, their response is either an automated one or varying excuses ranging from floods in warehouse, problems with their vendor or shipping problems. Even the so called response from the CEO was an automated one. Take my advice and DO NOT ORDER from this company

  10. Yet again another email asking for a response to my numerous requests. I DO NOT want an automated message stating my goods are on the way nor do I want excuses ranging from floods in your warehouse, problems with your vendors or a shipping problem, none of which are my concern.

    I ordered from yourselves Antivirus face shields only to receive a flimsy piece of perspex attached to an even flimsier piece of elastic.

    The items that were advertised by your company are DEFINITELY not the ones I received. Why has the original advert been taken off your website?

    Surely if you as a company had nothing to hide, the original advert would still be available to see. Your CEO David Bell even addressed an email from me with an automated response which is totally unacceptable.
    I would very much like you to respond with either a replacement for the inferior quality products, or reimbursement of the amount you charged.

  11. SCAM!!!!! I think whoever is running the Humble Crate website is also the author of the above article. I have yet to see any positive reviews, except what I saw on Facebook when I placed my order back in April. I was given a tracking number that has not updated since May 23. Every time I contact customer service I am given a canned response with no help and no offer of solutions. Upon further investigation they have horrible reviews on other sites with people who have the exact same complaint as me, during the same time frame. I will be disputing the charge with my bank.

  12. Ordered a puzzle on April 14, 2020… received an email in early May regarding a flood at a warehouse in FL causing a delay. Opened a PayPal dispute because still had not received the puzzle and had no additional contact. May 22nd received an email with a “shipping confirmation”… as of June 4th the confirmation still shows the same information and still no puzzle.

    INGLEWOOD, CA 90304, Picked Up by Shipping Partner, USPS Awaiting Item -> Your item was picked up by a shipping partner at 4:16 pm on May 22, 2020 in INGLEWOOD, CA 90304. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.


  13. I ordered a puzzle on April 6 and have received three emails with tracking information that is useless. Which one says the item was picked up in Inglewood, California on May 21. Inglewood is about a 6 Hour drive. to my house But unless it is traveling snail mail, meaning literally on the back of a snail, it should have been here weeks. I contacted customer service and received a reply saying I should have the item in 7 to 10 business days. It was about three weeks ago. I am fed up and just want a refund.

  14. Scam of a company. Puzzle ordered april 13…No puzzle has arrive. Phony tracking links in every email. Filing a complaint with my bank.

  15. waited 3 months for my products…still nothing and now the email I have been using has not been found!!!! So can not get in touch….£53 worth an nothing…

  16. I placed and order in April. They fobbed be off with the virus delisting despatch then a flood in a warehouse. I have never received the order and it’s too late for PayPal refund very annoyed they have my money. Emails bounce back now too.

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