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Hurdle Answer April 11 {April} Curious To Know? Read!

Do you want to know about the recent answers of Hurdle? If yes, then check the below article Hurdle Answer April 11.

Are you guys interested in the games where you need to solve the puzzles and then find the required words? If yes, then this article will be beneficial for you as in this article, we will be discussing a game whose name is Hurdle, and this game is a new version of the old game Hurdle. This game is famous in many parts of the world, like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. People love to play this game and enjoy this game a lot.

If you want to know about the recent answers to the game Hurdle and know about his game, read the article Hurdle Answer April 11.

Answer For Hurdle April 11 – Why is it trending

The Hurdle is becoming famous and gaining popularity because it is the new version of a viral game named Wordle2. It has increased its difficulty level, which has grabbed people’s attention. Day by day, the number of players is increasing. It updates twice a day and provides two puzzles for the people to solve.

The recent answers of April 11 of the Wordle game are Strong and Offset. These words were easy, but people were unable to guess. 

Above, we have mentioned Hurdle Answer April 11. You can have a look.

What is a Hurdle?

The Hurdle is a newly launched game, the new version of the Wordle game. In this game, you need to guess a word, a six-letter word, given six chances, or you can do it in less than six chances. The guesses you are making, it is mandatory for them that they should have American English Language. There are three colours in the game that help indicate whether your answer is wrong or right.

The answers to the 11th April Hurdle are strong and offset. There are two answers because two puzzles are given in a day, the morning puzzle and the afternoon puzzle.  

Is Hurdle Answer April 11 /Wordle 2 and Wordle similar? 

  • In Wordle, you have to guess a five-letter word, and in Wordle 2, you have to guess a letter with a length of six words. 
  • Moreover, Wordle has only one puzzle in 24 hours, but Wordle2 updates the game twice a day, and players get two puzzles a day.

The three colours, green indicates that your letter is correct and written in the right place. The colour yellow indicates that your letter is correct but is at the wrong place, and the colour grey indicates that this letter is not meant for this puzzle.

Read Hurdle Answer April 11 to know every detail about the article.


Hurdle game is a fantastic game if you are interested in puzzles. You should once visit and check out the game Hurdle. It is not necessary to play this game on play stations only; you can play it on your android. Moreover, the game is easy to understand, and its colour pattern makes it more interesting; it has three colours green, yellow and grey.

You can play the Hurdle game here.

Please read the article Hurdle Answer April 11 and let us know your views on the game in the comment section.

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