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I Have Become A Crow 19 (Feb 2022) Let Us Read About It!

This article, I Have Become a Crow 19, includes the information of chapter 19 famous manga series that is I Have Become a Crow

Are you all interested in reading series or any funny story with pictures? If yes, then you must read this article till the end. This article is mainly about a manga series named I Have Become a Crow. This series is popular among various nations, including the Philippines and the United States.

This series is not real, but it is based on imagination and fantasy. We hope you guys will be interested to know more about this series. So, don’t miss any point and read this article, I Have Become a Crow 19 till the end.

Introducing Manga

As you all know, there are many ways to describe your feelings and write your writings. Among those, only Manga is also a way to write series or seriess. The Manga was introduced in Japan but with time got popularity worldwide.

This term manga in Japan mainly means something full of comedy or cartooning. The series we are discussing today is also a manga series with comedy, and the incidents in this series are being depicted with the help of various pictures.

And if you are interested in learning about, I Have Become a Crow 19, continue reading.

What is I Have Become a Crow?

This series is mainly based on a crow who was a girl in his previous birth and got a life again; all she faces is mentioned in the story and how the crown prince started falling for her. So, this series is not only but comedy but also about romance.

If you want to know about the previous chapter of this series, don’t miss the next part of the article, I Have Become a Crow 19.

I Have Become a Crow 18

Chapter 18 opens up with new characters and new with new thrill. In the initial stage of this chapter, there is darkness all around, and someone is trapped in this darkness and asking where they are. This chapter also ends in suspense like all other chapters of this series where the man speaks dam brother, and the chapter gets shut down.

The story continues in Chapter 19, the latest update related to this manga series. 

I Have Become a Crow 19

In chapter 19, we see how Lewelin wakes up and realizes that he will have to follow his brother as otherwise, he will be alone forever. 

While Lewelin and Prince Kamut argue with each other and then fight, Rainelle, the Crow, gets seriously injured.

However, the treatment saves the Crow and Prince Kamut exclaims that he will declare ‘Bozcourt’. 


This article is about a famous series known other than a manga series whose name is I Have Become a Crow. The last chapter published by the owner of this series is chapter number 19, and the people are very curious and want to know about I Have Become a Crow 19

Please let us know in the comment section, what you think about this chapter. Moreover, if you want to know more about the Manga series, you can check here.

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