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Why Kicksta Didn’t Work For Us: IG Growth Service Review

IG Growth Service Review: It’s ALL about Instagram nowadays. It’s probably a word we hear on a daily basis, and one which we read a hell of a lot more than that. Understandable, then, that people are seeking out new ways of making it big on this social media platform. IG success depends on the number of followers, and even if you have a high number of followers, you need these people to engage with you. This is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication and perseverance to make it big, as well as an incredible understanding of what people want to see, together with a good knowledge of what is trending and popular, all of which help ensure your success.

This is all very well and good, but what if you don’t possess the time or knowledge in order to do this? Unless your career is based full time on Instagram, few of us possess the precious hours needed to dedicate ourselves to this task. That’s why there’s so much help available now online.

We wanted to try out one of the market leaders in terms of IG growth. Preferably organic as, we knew from the get-go that the use of bots posed a dangerous threat in terms of Instagram safety. After a fair amount of time trying to decide, we went with Kicksta. We weren’t impressed.

How Kicksta Describe Their Service

That’s the first line on Kicksta’s website, which is pretty enticing, yes. However, one has to ask how organic growth can be achieved using anything other than human powered methods? Based on our experience and knowledge, AI tech is used for bots and bots only. Anyway, more on this later.

On their website, Kicksta also states that they provide growth services to over 100,000 accounts. These are the types of things that are really clever, as you look at that and think “oh, well, if it worked for so many thousands of people, why wouldn’t it work for me?”, which is why we tried them in the first place.

Our Experience With Kicksta

We chose the ‘most popular’ premium plan, which is priced at $99 USD per month, a supposed saving of $50. Our only real reluctance at this stage was that we couldn’t be guaranteed a certain amount of followers. Just that their ‘technology’ will engage with users on our behalf to increase growth. This technology basically meant software, not human-powered growth. Perhaps this was our fault for not exploring this in more detail before signing up, but this was a major part of why we weren’t happy with Kicksta’s service.

After we parted with our money, we submitted a list of types of accounts we wanted to engage with, in the vain hope that we’d see similar-minded users start to appear on our followers list. In reality, the AI software that Kicksta uses only engages with others in terms of ‘likes’, which in turn does not generate any real form of growth to your own Instagram. Namely, a really low increase in followers. 

So yes, while it may ‘engage’ with other users’ accounts, maybe even like-minded ones, it only does this in terms of likes, which gives absolutely no guarantee AT ALL that you’ll receive a follow request back. It became all too clear too quickly that it all rested on a gamble – a gamble we don’t think is worth $99 a month- at all. 

Scam Or Genuine?  

Really, there’s two ways of looking at this. A scam can be a company or service that is just out for your money without giving anything back. This is, essentially, criminal, and probably what the definition of a real scam is. However, you could also look at a scam as being something that is misleading, where you pay for a service thinking you’re getting one thing, when in reality you’re getting something quite different. This is how we look at it: You pay Kicksta to like other users’ pages and content. That’s basically it. If said account notices you and decides to follow you back, great; but there are no guarantees, and we would’ve liked to have seen real growth, from a service that claims to offer exactly that. From this, you can come to your own conclusions as to whether or not Kicksta is a scam.

The Kicksta Reviews

The Kicksta Reviews

We noticed something: A lot of the Kicksta reviews you see both on their website and elsewhere online are very similar, almost as if they’ve been written by the same person or group of people. Of course, we cannot verify these claims, but it is indeed something to keep in mind as, unfortunately, paid and sponsored reviews are quite popular nowadays. Perhaps some really are genuine, but based on the results we saw of Kicksta, it seems unlikely. 

The Best Alternative

The Best Alternative

Having learnt from our mistakes and doing some real research, we feel that the best alternative to Kicksta is probably FollowFox, who really do offer organic, human-powered growth. There exists no perfect service, and the downside of organic growth services is that it can take some time to see growth. But you will see it. They also offer great prices for their service, which many people seem to be raving about right now. You’ll receive dedicated members of the team, a dashboard service and more. If you’re serious about IG growth, give them a go. 

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