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Illegal Restart Fortnite (Feb) All The Details Here!

Illegal Restart Fortnite (Feb) All The Details Here! >> The article details the warning message flashed on the players’ screen while playing the Fortnite game.

Fortnite game players across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom face a similar warning of illegal Restart Fortnite flashing on their screens. It has left players in a frenzy. 

Many have taken on to their social media handles for knowing what is going on. Besides, it has also left the gamers tensed if it can lead to banning of their accounts. Many have received the warning as error while others are issued the same on their recent activity chart.

This article will put your worry in the bay. Do continue to read a detailed insight into the warning.

What is illegal Restart Fortnite?

As per the recent update posted on the official Twitter handle of Fortnite Status, players worldwide are receiving warnings of ‘Illegal Restarts’. Moreover, this warning is issued based on the competitive activity in the players’ recent events and not on the games that are played today. The warning message is flashed on the screen whenever a player tries to enter the same event multiple times.

However, in comparison speculations by players across forums, it is not issued on games that the player used today. Players must avoid the error if you have not used the event multiple times.

How to Avoid the Message?

The illegal Restart Fortnite message is to ensure there are no spamming activity carried out on the gameplay. Herein, players are requested not to enter the same event multiple times to avoid temporary ban of the account. Besides, it is also recommended to not play simultaneously with an alternate account that can again read as entering the event more than once.

However, some players are also receiving the warning as an error message on their screen. Herein, the gamers are asked to ignore the warning.

What is Fortnite game?

Fortnite is an online Battle Royale game that offers the players different game modes. The illegal Restart Fortnite warning is flashed on the account wherein players are entering the same event multiple times, leading to spam. 

The game is created by Epic Games and was released in 2017. From then on, it has become a favorite among players who enjoy the multiple features offered to players across varied game modes. The game also released two new NPCs that will supposedly appear during Valentine’s day making it available for players to try out.


With the warning message of illegal Restart Fortnite flashing on every gamer’s screen, it has left every player tensed. However, the only way to avoid the message is not to enter the event multiple times nor with any alternate accounts. 

Players can continue to enjoy the wonderful challenges and features in the amazing game of Fortnite by following the instructions of the game. Besides, it will not affect the games which the player is currently playing.

What do you want to say about the warning message on Fortnite game? Please do share your views on the comments box below.

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