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How Can You Improve the Performance of Your Gaming PC?

When was the last time you enjoyed a smooth game without interruptions? If you are going to say ages ago, then bear in mind my friend that you have never really experienced a perfect gaming experience. A smooth, lag free game is every gamer’s dream. The type of gaming experience you have greatly rests on the type of PC you own at home. 

If you are an avid gamer, owning a gaming PC would be the way to go. However always keep in mind that just owning a gaming PC would not do the job for you. You will have to implement a few strategies in order to intensify the performance of your PC. This way you will have the most amazing gaming experience. So if you really wish to enhance the performance of your PC, well go ahead and read all the tips and tricks we have mentioned in this article. 

A speedy internet connection is very important for multiplayer gaming. And trust us, the majority of games provide you with a multiplayer option. These games have this option because we all like to play together in groups. Especially after the covid-19 pandemic, people have become extremely close to one another and they enjoy playing games in groups. 

However before you plan a gaming night, make sure you have access to a solid internet connection like the one provided by Cox. Why are we saying this? Well because everything in this world from gaming to entertainment is dependent on the internet. 

If you want, an extremely smooth gaming experience without any lag, our recommendation would be to sign up with a provider that offers high-speed internet and exceptional customer service. Xfinity brings both to the table. Not only does it provide stable, speedy connection but Servicio al Cliente Xfinity provides around the clock assistance to both English and Spanish speakers. 

 In simple words, sign up with a reliable provider and enjoy speedy internet with minimum ping as well as low latency. 

  • Modify the game’s video settings

Every game offers in-game video settings. Don’t hesitate to alter these settings if a game is not functioning well. There are namely low-end, med-end, and finally high-end video settings available for all types of games.

To tailor the video settings to your needs, you can alter the settings in-game. You can combine different settings, for example, by maintaining some at the high end and moving others to the low end. But bear in mind that your game should operate well regardless of the settings you select.

  • Turn off the notifications

Enhancing the performance of your gaming PC is an amazing thing but do you know what other thing is incredible? Not having your game interrupted. Windows provides a feature that allows you to turn off notifications at particular periods or when specified events are occurring. Thus, annoying pop-ups won’t spoil your entertainment anymore.

Follow these methods to access the settings:

  • On your computer or keyboard, click the start button, and then type ‘Focus Assist’.
  • After locating the focus settings area, select “Alerts from Application as well as System, Do Not Disturb” under notifications.
  • Then try your best to look for the setting that says “automatically activate do not disturb.”
  • Mark “while participating in a game“. 
  • Make it a habit to always update the drivers

You must make sure to update all of your drivers on a regular basis in order to play any game. Activate automatic updates on your computer to have the most recent types of the drivers installed for you. By just upgrading your drivers, you can solve many of your issues.

Drivers are needed not only to begin the game but also to play it as it should be played. A game with no audio may be the result of an outdated audio driver. Maintaining updated video drivers will help you get better performance and fix issues.

  • Increase laptop fan speed to prevent heat throttling

The serious problem of heating has always been problematic for laptop gamers. Even though today’s state of the art laptops have numerous fans, heating systems, and cooling sinks, if your computer is not set up properly, it can still reach greater temperatures, which affects how well it performs while playing games.

Maintaining your fan functioning at maximum speed or turning on turbo boost only if it’s permitted will help you maintain your computer’s temperature down to a manageable level while gaming. This guarantees that the fans on your laptop run at their highest rotations per minute and instantly cool your computer.

  • Change the resolution

Altering the resolution of your game is one approach to increase the FPS (Frames per Second). The amount of pixels present on your PC’s screen determine its resolution. If a large amount of pixels is present, just know that your computer screen has a higher resolution. More pixels are present at higher resolutions. As a result, they will utilize more of your GPU’s memory.

Lowering the resolution reduces the number of pixels on the screen, relieving pressure on your GPU. Try decreasing your resolution if you are experiencing low FPS; it will significantly enhance your performance.

Final words

If you really want an amazing gaming experience, just use the tips and tricks that we have discussed above and instantly enhance your gameplay. However, also keep in mind that an old PC can be a little problematic. So update your PC regularly so that it can function more efficiently and can let you play all the latest games out there. Good luck!

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