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In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge {Sep} Check Here!

Read about the best route, location, and directions to reach Gorge, and In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge.

New weekly challenges of Fortnite game season have arrived in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This season brings new characters known as “bounty hunters” from various gaming universes on the map of Fortnite Island. Finishing the quest of Fortnite Island is filled with multiple challenges and difficulties, which keeps the gamer curious. 

As a part of completing the challenge, do you want to know In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge

What is Fortnite? 

Fortnite is a cross-platform game developed by Epic Games. It has four modes that are suitable for different age groups. It is a survival game. The best part of this season will be to earn a massive number of XPs, level up the tiers, and gain cosmetic enhancements. This weeks challenge requires you to:

  1. Throw a fish in the water
  2. At gas stations, destroy inflatable tubemen llamas 
  3. From a shipwreck, find a family portrait 
  4. Using a harpoon gun, hit different opponents
  5. From fishing spots, gain different types of weapon
  6. To access the location In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge; you also need to complete “deal damage” within fifteen seconds while gliding. It would be helpful to play the “Team Rumble” as you get more opportunities to glide and re-spawn.  

What is Gorgeous Gorge? 

Gorgeous Gorge is a landmark on the Fortnite game. It is one of the three landmarks that do not appear on the map, making it difficult to find. It requires the gamer to do a little rubber-necking around the island. The tricky part is that if the player dies during the challenge, he needs to start over from scratch again.  

In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge?

Mount Kay, Scenic Spot, and Gorgeous Gorge are three locations on the map which you can visit during several sessions of the match. When compared to the other two landmarks, Gorgeous Gorge is easy to find. Gorgeous Gorge is far from the other two landmarks. Therefore, you need to plan the best route. 

  1. Have an eagle-eye view of the Fortnite map. 
  2. At the center of the map, you will find “Lazy Lake” and the “Hunter’s Haven”. 
  3. You need to reach near the northern point of “Hunter’s Haven” between these two locations. Let us see further In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge
  4. While you reach between “Lazy Lake” and the “Hunter’s Haven,” avoid traveling on the bridge connecting the cliffs. 
  5. You will come across the waterfall. 
  6. It would be best if you reached proximity where the waterfall starts triggering. 
  7. Gorgeous Gorge is situated at the bottom of this waterfall. 

Once you reach Gorgeous Gorge, your challenges will be marked as complete.


One of the best routes is to reach Mount Kay, get down there, and travel to Gorgeous Gorge and then to Scenic Spot (or) vice-versa. To complete the challenge of In Fortnite Where Is Gorgeous Gorge, you need to visit all three landmarks before the season ends but any sequence as per your convenience.

Did you find Gorgeous Gorge? In case you find a better route, let us know the information about such a route.

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