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Instylehere com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Instylehere com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website? This article is written in regarding the particular e-commerce store, which holds various styles of clothing, beauty, and accessories items.

Been in style was a buzz for people who love fashion. And there’s one such company in India which cater to both men and women who want to look stylish. 

For many, the style can be bought, and instead, it’s the way people express themselves. There are lots of online fashion sites where you can purchase clothes to build a -individual style. By Instylehere com Reviews, we will look at such a website that claims to give their customers excellent shopping experience in the home only by a few clicks.

Read here to know more about it. 

What is Instylehere?

Instylehere is an e-commerce shopping site selling a type of clothing and beauty products for both men and women along with various diversified choices in clothes, accessories, beauty to choose. It’s a one-stop shopping site to style and accessories as per the wants.

Across the online platform, you may notice many fashion sites offering great deals on their products. In India, the customer also looks for the style which is popular in other countries and appreciates the western style thoroughly.

The store maintained different sections for men, women, western dress, beauty and accessories. Under these sections, customer can look for varieties of products. 

Specifications of Instylehere:

  • Website: Online fashion site 
  • Website address: https://instylehere.com/ 
  • Time for Refund: Thirty days returns 
  • Shipping time: Two working days/ all over India 
  • Address: Not mentioned. 
  • Contact No. : Not mentioned.
  • Customer Care Id: care.instylehere.com@gmail.com
  • Payment- Major Debit/Credit card 

Advantages of buying from Instylehere?

  • The site provides faster express delivery services. 
  • There are different varieties to choose from. 
  • Broad range and sections products available
  • The site is simple to navigate and good UI 
  • After subscribing to their newsletter, the customer gets 10% off on their first purchase. 

Disadvantages of buying from Instylehere? 

  • Customers have limited change in the price range for the products.
  • The sites Western dress section is limited in options compared to others. 
  • International shipping information is not visible. 
  • The website has no customer reviews on its products.

Is Instylehere legit?

Instylehere com Reviews looked at different parameters to test if the website slightly safe to browse. Most of the orders are prepared and have a quick delivery. It shows that they have a solid base in terms of selling their products. They provide the privacy policies, contact mail id and refund policies for the transparency. The mix of ethical and western items and a wide variety for everyone are available on the website. 

The site is Google safe for browsing and has an HTTPS secure connection. Reviews and social media presence are a very high factor on any website to establish great buyers. Sadly, for this store, people haven’t shown trust. We ask our customers to research before buying anything from this store. Also, the domain name is only a few months old, which questions its legibility. Overall looking at the site and the answer to “Is Instylehere legit” is that it is slightly suspicious and, if possible, can be avoided.  

How are the customer’s views about Instylehere?   

The Instylehere com Reviews looked from the perspective of the customer base. We have found out that there are no customer’s reviews on the website or any of the social media handles. As per our research, most users bought the item even though no one rated the products. 

But the site is able to have complete description of the products, which helps the buyer to make the decision. The website has a trustworthy SSL certificate on an encrypted connection, which means their personal information is secured. The contact information attests the site to be reasonably reliable. There is constant customer care mail id to file any complaint and query. 

Final Verdict:

An online store can be accessible if they successfully build a customer base and a style. Instylehere is the collection of outfits that is suitable for both genders. 

Instylehere with its excellent customer service, detailed descriptions and style options make it different from other stores. After checking the website, and examining it on various principles, we could say that the site is the perfect stop for western wear. But because there are no reviews, rating and website are not that old. We recommend you to go through it with a critical eye to find your style. The site seems suspicious, and we want the buyers to be conscious of it. 

Comment below and do share your views on this online store.

0 thoughts on “Instylehere com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

  1. There are a few questions to ponder.
    1) The email address is instylehere.com@gmail.com, which we need to think of. If the company is legit then why use Gmail account?
    2) The delivery date is 8/3/2020. Seriously! This is a great whistleblower to be cautious.
    3) Delivery within 7 days anywhere in India.
    4) Free shipping. The branded items are sold cheap how is the company going to sustain the free shipping?
    If my questions above are answered then one can assure themselves about the legit of the site. Otherwise, people need to think sensibly before falling for the scams and then crying.

  2. We need to give time for any new business to grow. The only factor which makes me hesitate to buy here is their return policy . The customer is responsible for returning the item and thy insist on payment before delivery.

  3. It’s a big scam , I paid nearly 3k for the products, but no response after many mails and even they are looting the money without giving any product,nice buisness they are doing.. don’t knw what to do ,and even they are blocking in facebook if we asking for the product , Facebook should block that page not to repeat this again and need refund of my money.this is the first time iam seeing such a fake site.

  4. fraud site , they are taking money and not giving products, i have ordered on 17th july nearly for the products of worth 3k but till now no response from them and even they are blocking in facebook if we are asking them, dont know from how many people they are looting like this. i am planning to give collective complaint in police station on them , if everyone is ok , this is feeling like a big scam.

  5. Instylehere customer care number 9832254574_9835529689_
    Instylehere customer care number 9832254574_9835529689_
    Instylehere customer care number 9832254574_9835529689_

  6. This is a total scam, i have order products for Rs 1933 that is on 22nd july 2020 and the order doesn’t show the expected date of delivery, so i tried calling the costumer care number and they ask me to download quick support and i did, and he connected with my phone and then he told me to send my bank user name and password and send it to my number itself. Do i denied it.
    The next day that is today 23rd july 2020 i got a call from another customer care and they looked very real amd they started asking me about my google pay and they kept sending some msgs and told me to forward and i did and asked me about the give the OTP no. and after that they ask me to calculate the account last 4 digit no.with UPI no. and tell them, then i started suspecting what they were upto. So i didn’t send but still after 5 mins my money was gone Rs 5000 , and its bas been debited to his number through UPI and his name is Rahul. Now what can i do ?

  7. The site seems to be closed down… It’s such a fraud website…. Ordered few items & made the payment also yet no products delivered…. Facebook should really verify the sites before advertising for them….

  8. Even I paid 995 for 5 scarfs and tomorrow is my delivery date…just had a thought like no prior msg like “”out for delivery”” …so when tried reaching their site from the mail they sent couldn’t reach their site..then came across this blog..what should I do now?

  9. It’s a fake website . I have paid for the order but didn’t got any confirmation from them when enquiry is made to them through fb messenger .they said I will receive a message shortly .now I am not able to send message to that account also . website is also vanished ….such a cheap people

  10. It’s a fake website . I have paid for the order but didn’t got any confirmation from them when enquiry is made to them through fb messenger .they said I will receive a message shortly .now I am not able to send message to that account also . website is also vanished ….such a cheap people

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