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Need-To-Know International Travel Insurance Exclusions and Limitations

Travel insurance is non-negotiable when traveling, whether in India or internationally. It provides coverage against several risks, like loss of passport, delays in or checked-in baggage loss, personal accidents, etc. While understanding what is covered by the insurance policy is important, understanding the policy’s exclusions is even more critical. This is true for travel insurance India and international travel insurance.

You can buy your domestic or international travel insurance online or offline, but make sure you carefully go through the exclusions and limitations of the policy. Ignorance about these issues often leads to claim rejection.

List of common exclusions and limitations for international travel insurance policies

While the set of inclusions and exclusions varies from policy to policy, some exceptions are common to all. In fact, these might also apply to travel insurance in India.

Here is a list of common exclusions and limitations that apply whether you purchase international travel insurance online or offline:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Generally, travel insurance policies do not cover any pre-existing medical ailments. However, if it is a pre-existing, stable ailment that does not necessitate a change in treatment, then that might be covered. But in case you have faced issues regarding the condition months before the trip, the condition will not be covered unless a specific add-on is purchased.

  • Dental treatment: In case there is any dental emergency then that is generally covered in any travel insurance policy. But routine dental check-ups are generally not covered. Ensure that you thoroughly go through the policy document to know the extent and situations that are covered, whether you purchase your international travel insurance online or offline.

  • Mental Disorders: Travel insurance in India and internationally generally does not cover any incident of emotional or mental disorder. These may range from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder, etc. Any expenditure on such disorders is mostly not covered in your travel insurance plans.

  • Self-inflicted injuries: Travel insurance policies do not provide coverage for self-inflicted injuries like attempted suicide. This provision is also applicable in circumstances in which you deliberately put yourself in harmful situations, like breaking road safety and traffic rules.

  • Adventurous sports: In case you enjoy adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting, skiing, and scuba diving, take note that any injury caused during these is generally not covered by travel insurance in India or internationally.

  • Natural calamities: Travel insurance in India and internationally does not cover “acts of God” which include earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, etc. These are circumstances that no one can control; hence, insurance companies do not provide coverage for them. Hence, any loss or damage suffered in such situations won’t be compensated.

  • Intentionally visiting dangerous areas: Nowadays, travel insurance plans have become comprehensive enough to provide coverage for visits to areas that are even prone to terrorist attacks. But, then again, this coverage is mostly for peaceful areas. In the event that you decide to visit an area that is dangerous, you will be liable for any injury or damage that you cause. Whether you purchase international travel insurance online or offline, the plans do not provide coverage for such dangerous areas.

  • War or war-like situation: In case a war breaks out in the country or region to which you are traveling, any damage suffered by you or any loss of your personal belongings will not be covered by any travel insurance plan. Ensure that you carefully check your policy provisions in such situations.

  • Some personal items: Ideally, loss of baggage is covered under travel insurance policies, but that does not mean that all your personal items in the luggage are covered. Cash, glasses, and jewellery are common exclusions in most travel insurance India and international policies. Some travel insurance plans may cover you up to a certain limit for these items. Hence, knowing the extent of coverage is important.
  • Loss caused by negligence: Travel insurance plans have coverage for loss due to theft, etc. But this coverage is not provided in case such a loss is due to your own negligence. Say, if a value was stolen because you left it unattended, international travel insurance online the insurance company is not liable to compensate you for it.

  • Loss due to reckless or unlawful behaviour: If you suffer any damage, injuries, or losses due to your own reckless or unlawful behaviour, then travel insurance companies are not liable to compensate you for such damages. These acts could include drunk driving, involvement in violent activities, etc. Insurance plans do not compensate for such situations.

  • Trip cancellation for invalid reasons: In case you cancel your trip, then you need to provide a valid reason for the same to your travel insurance provider. In the event that you are unable to provide sufficient proof, you will not be reimbursed for your trip cancellation. The mere fact that you decide not to travel is not a reason enough for you to be compensated.

The above are commonly the exclusions in most travel insurance plans, but this list is not exhaustive. Provisions keep varying from policy to policy. However, it is critical that you understand not only the inclusions but also the exclusions in your travel insurance India or international plan. You can purchase your domestic or international travel insurance online, as it is far more convenient and hassle-free to do so. But make sure you carefully go through the exclusions and limitations of your plan so that you are not caught off-guard later on and get your claim rejected. In case there is some item that you want to be covered but is not included in the plan, there are options for add-ons that you can consider. This will ensure that you get your desired level of protection for your travel plans.

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