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Ios 13.7 Reviews {Sep} Get Valuable Information

Ios 13.7 Reviews {Sep} Get Valuable Information -> Get new features on your iPhone and save space in downloading mobile applications.

Have you been using the IOS 13.6 phone? Well, a new version has been updated by the Apple company. You may feel disappointed, but you do not need to replace your phone new a new one. It is easy to upgrade your operating system with excellent internet connectivity. Ios 13.7 Reviews will give you complete insights to know more about the upgraded version. 

The upgrade is available for the United States apple phone users. Therefore, if you are not residing in the US, it will take time to come to your location. Our article briefed the cons, pros, and updates on the IOS 13.7 version. We hope it will help you to decide whether to upgrade your phone or not.

What is Ios 13.7?

In September 2020, Apple Inc. launched a new version of the operating system that is Ios 13.7. It comes with several features that are yet not available in any phone upgrades. The main benefit is the notification system of COVID-19 Exposure without downloading an application. 

What are the new features?

To summarize the features in our Ios 13.7 Reviews, we have found two primary elements that are unmatched till today.  

  • Notification System for COVID-19 Exposure: Google and Apple have collaborated on the tracing system of COVID-19 contact to help protect you from the worldwide pandemic. You need to turn on the notification to receive a possible exposure alert from The Public Health Authority. With Ios 13.7, you can save your phone storage memory. It is because you do not need to download an application to receive the notifications. 
  • Compatibility:  It is noticed that if your phone supports IOS 13 version, then Ios 13.7 will correctly work for your current phone. The upgrade works for iPhone 6s, 7th Gen iPod, and iPads. You need to connect your phone with a computer to open a device in macOS or MacOS Mojave. 

Are there any complaints about Ios 13.7?

Ios 13.7 Reviews show that people are complaining about the new upgrade on Twitter. They are upset because of the following reasons:

  • Battery Drain Issues
  • Audio Issues
  • iPhone 11 Face ID issues 
  • Hearing Issues over the Call
  • Podcast Syncing Issues

Should You Do It?

After our Ios 13.7 Reviews, you have been asking whether you should upgrade your phone or not. The coronavirus notification feature is among the most prominent reasons and benefits to Ios 13.7. Being it new, bugs are coming up on new iPhone devices. 

Customer Feedback:

Ios 13.7 Reviews suggest that the Coronavirus notification feature is a single upside of the upgrade. It is slowing down the phone performance and creating glitches in the audio. The users are also unhappy with the face ID cliché. 

Final Verdict:

After detailing all Ios 13.7 Reviews information, there are many features yet to come and discover. If you have recently updated your operating system to Ios 13.7, please tell us your experience.

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