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iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working? How to Fix It?

Are you facing issues with your iPhone 12 touchscreen? Does it freeze up at inconvenient moments, leaving you frustrated? Several factors can be culprits to this vexing issue, including software glitches, physical damage, defaulted protector, insufficient storage space, outdated software, overheating, or anything else.

However, there’s no need to worry because numerous convenient methods and iOS repair tools, such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery, can help you bring your iPhone back to life.

This article will explore the steps of these solutions in detail to help you resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

iPhone 12 Screen Not Responding – A Solution Guide

If you’re facing the frustrating issue of iPhone 12 stuck on Apple logo, try these practical solutions to get it back running smoothly.

Solution 1: Clean Your Phone Screen

Take a moment to examine your phone screen closely and deeply. If you notice a build-up of oil or dirt, this could cause the touch functionality to get stuck. Grab a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe your screen to fix it. However, avoiding using a wet cloth is necessary as it may introduce moisture and potentially further damage the iPhone 12.

Solution 2: Take Off the Screen Protector

If you’ve installed a screen protector, it might cause a touchscreen issue. Some low-quality or unofficial protectors can be too thick, interfering with the touch screen’s sensitivity. Consider replacing your current screen protector with a high-quality, authorized one. This replacement can work as a token for optimal performance and responsiveness of your iPhone’s touch screen.

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Solution 3: Force Restart iPhone

If the previous solutions didn’t do the trick, a software glitch might be causing the touchscreen problem. Hold on; a simple force restart can often resolve this issue.

If you want to force a restart of your iPhone 12; follow the given steps:

  • Push the Volume Up button of the iPhone for a while and release it swiftly; later, push the Volume Down button for a second and remove it.
  • Now it comes to the Side Buttons turn – press it until you get the Apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Remember – Performing a force restart doesn’t result in any data loss. It closes all running processes and apps on your iPhone 12, potentially resolving the touchscreen issue.

Solution 4: Update Your iPhone 12

Apple has released iOS 14.2.1, which includes updated patches specifically addressing the iPhone 12 mini screen unresponsive to touch issues. Similarly, updating your iPhone 12, whether it’s iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, to the latest iOS version can help resolve touch screen responsiveness problems.

If the update option is available for your iPhone 12, you can download and install it. Nothing is complicated – simply tap this option to initiate the update process. If instigated, you are required to enter your passcode to proceed.

To update iOS on your iPhone 12, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone 12
  • Scroll down and tap on General
  • Next, tap on Software Update

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Moreover, you can customize the Automatic Updates feature by visiting the Settings app, picking General, and tapping on Software Update. You can manage the settings as per your preferences to enable Automatic Updates.

If you encounter difficulties with wireless updating, an alternative option is to update your iPhone 12 using iTunes or Finder on your computer. Pair your iPhone 12 to your computer, launch iTunes or Finder, and follow the instructions to update your device.

Note: We suggest following these solutions in the order provided, starting with cleaning the screen and moving on to the Software Update if necessary. However, you can jump on the next hack if nothing works in your favor.

Solution 5: Go To Apple Store

If you have attempted all the troubleshooting tips discussed earlier and the issue persists, the problem may lie with the hardware of your iPhone. In such cases, visiting an authorized Apple store for further help is recommended. Apple store staff are trained to address hardware-related errors, including touchscreen problems.

It is essential to consider that the touch screen issue may result from accidental damage, such as dropping the device or exposure to water. When you visit the Apple store, the experts will thoroughly examine your phone without charges and determine the most appropriate solution. The company can offer free repairs or a replacement device to fix the issue based on your warranty terms.

If, in any case, the touchscreen problem is recognized as a developmental defect rather than damage caused by the user – get relaxed – you will probably get a new iPhone as a replacement, enabling you to continue using your phone seamlessly.

A Bonus Tip: TunesKit iOS System Recovery – iOS Repair Tool

If you’re encountering the iPhone 12 touch screen not working issue, a reliable solution is to use the TunesKit iOS System Recovery app. This practical app is specifically developed to address common software-related issues; by implementing TunesKit iOS System Recovery, you can regain the full functionality of your iPhone’s touch screen, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Following are the steps to connect your iPhone to a computer and fix the iPhone screen frozen issue using TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

Connect Your iPhone To The Computer

Use an Apple USB cable to pair your iPhone to the PC.

Launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Once your iPhone is connected, open your computer’s TunesKit iOS System Recovery software. It should automatically detect your iPhone.

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Enter Recovery Mode

In the TunesKit interface, look for the “Enter Recovery Mode” button and click on it to take the iPhone into recovery mode, which is necessary for the troubleshooting process.

Select Standard Mode

On the displayed screen, you will find two categories. Pick the “Standard Mode” option for common issues like an unresponsive iPhone screen.

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Continue With The Troubleshooting

After choosing the Standard Mode, click on the “Next” button to advance with the troubleshooting procedure.

Verify Device Information

A window will pop up showing your iPhone’s specifications; you need to ensure that the information displayed is accurate and that TunesKit iOS System Recovery can download the correct firmware.

Download The Firmware Package

Hit the “Download” icon to begin the firmware package download process. The package consists of the essential files to fix the iPhone screen issue.

iPhone 12 Touch Screen

Fix The iPhone Screen

After the firmware package has finished downloading, a new window will appear. Locate and tap on the “Repair” tab of the window to begin the restoration process for your iPhone.

Note: Don’t hurry – be patient and wait for a few minutes while TunesKit repairs your iPhone.

Check The Screen Functionality

Once the repair process is done, your iPhone’s screen should start operating normally again. Disconnect your iPhone from the computer and test its touch screen to verify if the issue has been fixed.

These handy steps would help you connect your iPhone to a computer and fix the unresponsive screen problem using TunesKit iOS System Recovery.


  • User-Friendly Interface – intuitive design
  • Versatile and wide device compatibility
  • Reliable problem-solving nature
  • Fast and efficient operation speed
  • Continuous improvements made


  • Free mode is limited

For further information about iPhone 12 touch screen not working, you can watch this video.

Our Summary

If you are in trouble because your iPhone 12 screen not responding; worry not as there are numerous effective solutions available to fix it ⸺ as many of which are discussed in the article. One recommended approach is to use the TunesKit iOS System Recovery app, which is designed to address common software-related problems and restore the functionality of your iPhone 12 touch screen. By following the instructions provided by TunesKit iOS System Recovery, you can successfully resolve the touchscreen issue and bring your iPhone back to life.

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