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Irrperb com Reviews [July] Is this Business Legit?

Irrperb com Reviews [July] Is this Business Legit? -> In this article, you will find out about a website that delivers a variety of products at impressive rates.

Are you also fed up with the scam sites recently? If yes, then you are at the right place to know about the Irrperb com Reviews

There have been many websites that are exploiting customers by not providing them with legit products and services and usurping their money. Therefore, people need to know about such sites before they transact with them. The reviews make things clear for the people if they are scam or legit. 

A website named Irrperb has been newly launched in the United States about which people are suspicious and are eager to know if it is trustworthy or not. Hence, we present to our readers a brief about this website to keep them safe and protected. 

Keep reading further to know about them and their pros and cons.

What is Irrperb? 

Irrperb com Reviews exclaim that this a website based in the United States that delivers a diversity of products. They believe that they carry innovative products that they wish to back them up with a 90-day risk-free guarantee. 

They are also providing the best services they can offer to the customers who have not had good experiences with the online websites. They make sure that they provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. They want their customers to believe that there are zero risks if you shop with them as they understand that online shopping can be daunting. 

They also render 24*7 email and ticket support for 365 days. This company gives you four reasons to buy their products: secure ordering, a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and easy returns.

However, before making any decision about placing an order with them, let us take you to their specifications and tell you if this website is suitable for you or not. Their pros and cons and what people are saying about them will make things clear for you.

Specifications of Irrperb

  • Website connect: https://irrperb.com/
  • Website type: A website that delivers a variety of products
  • Time of shipping: Within 1-3 business days
  • Time of delivery: Within 11-18 days
  • Cancellation applicability: Applicable only before shipment or production 
  • Return: Applicable, within 14 days of receipt of the order
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable 
  • Cost of shipping: Free shipping (if two items are ordered)
  • Address of the company: Not specified on the website
  • Email: irrperb@gmail.com
  • Contact No.: Not mentioned on the website
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover Network

Who is Irrperb for

This website is suitable for those who are willing to purchase toys, fashion accessories, and other items online. It is for all the people and interests those who have particular hobbies, profession, passion, or sport. 

But before buying anything from this website, it is better to know the pros and cons of dealing with them hereunder:

Pros of Irrperb

  • They have a variety of products.
  • This website is SSL certified.
  • They offer 24/7/365 days of customer service.

Cons of Irrperb

  • They do not have any customer reviews.
  • They have not provided contact details on the website.
  • The links to social networking sites are missing from the website.

What are people saying about Irrperb

The customer reviews make anything legit even if the website is not actively developed. Word of mouth is more significant than any promotion in the world. But this site lacks in holding any reviews as such. 

They have also not provided any legit address or contact number for the customers to get in touch when they need relief. Besides this, the links to social sites are not available as well, for these are a reliable source too.

Furthermore, the content used on the ‘About Us’ and other pages is not original. Many scam sites use such content; thus, it is not reliable.


Irrperb com Reviews say this website is not organized correctly and has a plagiarized form of content. Moreover, there are no reasons to rely on this site. They have not even disclosed information about the sellers on their page. 

After observing the information extracted about this website, we can conclude that it is not legitimate. We do not recommend this site as it is a scam. However, we have provided enough details for our readers to make a wise choice in dealing with them. 

Have you placed an order here already? Kindly share your reviews with us in the comments section below. 

44 thoughts on “Irrperb com Reviews [July] Is this Business Legit?

  1. I am questioning if I have been taken advantage of, my order on July 4th has not been received even though it was only going to take 11-18 business days. Final day of my order delivery will be July 29, I will be back if it is not received.

    1. Aauugh, I wish I had read these reviews long before now. I ALSO ordered the canopy chairs and received the sleeves in the mail, just like everyone else who posted regrets! Yep, looks like we paid $39.98 for canvas sleeves that are worthless.

  2. I ordered two canopy lawn chairs. The canopy is to fold around the chair and also serve as the carrying sleeve. I ordered these the end of June. I received two blue canvas “sleeves”…no chairs. The sleeves look to be sized for a youth/child folding lawn chair.
    I have emailed 3 times so far without any response.

      1. I placed an order for double seat with umbrella approximately two months ago and just received a small delivery with two covers for a child’s foldable chair (I guess, very tiny). Seller sent me message that I ordered these two items ( at 19.00 each) and to send them 200.00 more to get fancier chair I probably wanted to order. BULL$H–!! They advertised and I ordered TWO DOUBLE PICNIC CHAIRS WITH UMBRELLA AND CARRYING CASE INCLUDED. I have copy of ad as well as confirmation email with pic of items. I’m seriously considering not buying online. Don’t know who to trust. Buyers are getting short end of stick yet websites like PayPal and eBay don’t need the warnings from us buyers that something is wrong with a seller when several buyers are complaining about similar issues. Spot a scammer … Stop dealing with that scammers!!

    1. Hi Robin,
      I have exactly the same problem. Two blue canvas “sleeves” without chairs. I tried to email them several times, no response. Their website doesn’t work at all. I am just wondering… did we order two bags for $39? If so, how to return it?

    2. I ordered the same lawn chairs with a canopy. Received the sleeves for the chairs no lawn chairs. Emailed three times no response. This is a scam . I have learned my lesson. Same as stealing ones money. Bunch of thieves!!!!

  3. I placed an order for two outdoor chairs with awnings onJuly3 and as of this date have not received the items. I have tied to contact them on their “Contact Us” website option twice and have received no response. Would not recommend.

    1. So did I. I even sent them an email before they shipped to tell them that they better be sending me chairs and not just bags….No reply either.

    2. I place my order for the chairs on July 7, 2020 and have not received them as of yet. Yesterday I received two sleeves. My order has not been delivered so I think I will contact my credit card company to see what I can do to get my money back. I see Amazon is selling these chairs at a much higher cost. Good luck to you!

  4. As Robin above – I ordered the same and all I got was two sleeves about 24″ x 5″ the package fitted through my letterbox. I thought I would try my luck with them but wish I hadn’t. DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM

  5. I placed an order for two outdoor chairs with canopy on July 2 and I received two carrying sleeves on Aug 5. I have tried to contact them but response. Have I been taken advantage of?

  6. do not shop on this website. it is a scam. i bought to folding camp chairs but only received 2 small bags. no chair.. will try reverse charge with my bank to get my money back

  7. I also ordered two of those folding chairs with the canopy and after a month I received two blue chair covers only. I have contacted them by email on three occasions and have not had a response yet this Company is obviously a scam.

  8. Made the same order as Robin Allen, on July 5 2020. As of this date, Aug 7, 2020, I have NOT received the said chairs. I Think the BBB would be real interested in this Company (SCAM). Will Contact my bank to STOP payment, and get my money back.

  9. I ordered two canopy lawn chairs. The canopy is to fold around the chair and also serve as the carrying sleeve. I ordered these also in June. I received two blue canvas “sleeve” NO CHAIRS. The sleeves are very tiny – would not fit an adult chair. I have emailed only once so far – believe this company is a scam. They don’t give you a packing slip or a return address – what a way to do business. I will follow up.

  10. I placed an order for the same folding canpy chairs also and have not received them!! I believe this is a scam and people should not order…..anything from them! How can we prosecute them? maybe will call the attorney General of my state to get help

  11. I too placed an order for two canopy chairs on June 6, 2020. After 2 months of waiting, it is now 8/10/2020, I received 2 blue canvas “sleeves” in the mail. I tracked this package with their tracking number which supposedly the canopy chairs, and it said the order had been delivered. This just another scam on Facebook. Buyer beware. I am out $36.00.

  12. I thought I ordered two folding chairs but they sent me two chair covers. I immediately tried to reach out to return and refund my money. I have sent three emails to their supposedly 24/ 7/ 365 support and have not had a reply. I would strongly recommend NOT making purchases with this fraudulent company.

  13. WE have been scammed by this Chinese company folks. Kiss your $40 goodbye. NEVER, EVER order anything from ads on Facebook.

  14. I also ordered two of the canopy topped lawn chairs. After a considerable wait time, I received two carrying bags that are too small to hold any lawn chairs. I have sent 4 Emails to various addresses listed with no response. They are a total scammer company.

  15. My experience is similar to Robin Allen’s. I thought I was getting a good deal and all I have received is two undersized carrying sleeves. Some kind of good deal. I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything off this website. I am trying to make contact with this “company” but am not expecting anything postive.

  16. We also ordered 2 of the canopy lawn chairs. Took 5 1/5 weeks to receive and like previous comment, received two sleeves. Full scam!

  17. I ordered two canopy lawn chairs. The canopy is to fold around the chair and also serve as the carrying sleeve. I ordered these the end of June. I received two blue canvas “sleeves”…no chairs. The sleeves look to be sized for a youth/child folding lawn chair.
    I have emailed them but from other comments the I may be SOL. We will see.

  18. I ordered two lawn chairs on July 4, 2020, and received notification on July 19 that they had shipped. On August 3, I received two pieces of fabric in a small package. I have sent emails on August 11 and 17, both with no response. I would not recommend this company.

  19. Ordered two beach chairs w/canopy 7/21 and still have not rec’d them. Bill on my Credit card was thru Pay Pal. Tried to contact them and got no reply. Will try to dispute the charges on my card, but, think I’ve been scammed

  20. Do not order from this co. I ordered two recreational chairs that recline and rock. On sale for approximately thirty dollars each. Got two little tiny folding chairs, not big enough to put your feet on. Can’t contact them, but I did file a dispute with the CC co. We shall see 👿

  21. I also placed an order for two outdoor chairs with awnings. As of August 18, I have not received my order. I also received the “sleeves”. Since I used my credit card to purchase these chairs, I will go through them for the dispute. I may not receive the chairs, but our statements and a dispute from a credit card company may help get them closed.

  22. I had the same experience as Robin Allen above.
    I ordered two canopy lawn chairs. The canopy is to fold around the chair and also serve as the carrying sleeve. I ordered mine July 4th. I received two blue canvas “sleeves”…no chairs August 18th. The sleeves look to be sized for a youth/child folding lawn chair. The irrperb website now shows as non-existent.

  23. I too ordered the folding chairs with canopy and only received bags for chairs that would not hold any lawn chair.

  24. I ordered one lawn folding chair from them and the only thing I received was a chair carrying bag no chair. I tried emailing them serval times but got no response.

  25. I have had the same experience Robin Allen above. Ordered two canopy lawn chairs and received two small canvas bags that would not even hold a chair. Emailed them 3 times with no response. I went to the website to send a copy of the order to pay Pal but the website is no longer there. Would not recommend!

  26. On July 31, 2020 I ordered the “2020 New Recliner Luxury Camping Chair” for $29.95 plus 6.99 shipping (total $36.94). On August 20, 2020 I received a very small 10 inch high folding seat that looks to be worth about $5.00. I don’t even know if a child could sit on the folding seat, it’s that small. Nothing like the item I was supposed to receive. The website irrperb.com is no longer a valid website. I paid through PayPal so hopefully they can help with getting my money back.

  27. Its a scam!!
    I ordered the canopy chairs and only recieved two small sleeves.
    I will not be ordering from these online sites again!!
    This sucks cause i work hard for my money to get ripped off by these scanners.
    I hope karma come around and deal with you dishonest devils!!!

  28. I had the exact same issue. I ordered 2 chairs June 6 on August 20, I received 2 blue small sleeves. I BEEN SCAMMED. They took money from my account on same day I made order, that was unusual in itself as most companies only draft your account when they fill and ship orders.
    So disappointed…LESSON LEARNED

  29. I don’t understand why Facebook accepts these companies and their scams. What is their interest in facilitating these scammers.
    Anyone want two small blue canvas bags which cost me £33.35?

  30. i just got the same thing today, I emailed my husband said give a few days and we will dispute also…wish i would have seen this site before ordering…guess my cat will have something to lay on…wow

  31. I purchased these same 2 lawn chairs with canopy and received a tracking (#420628629274890249338831703037)) and also received 2 small blue bags with no chairs. After 6 emails to official@zhikintrade.com they did email me and wanted $180. for the 2 chairs. I paid through pay pal and have reported this Chinese Co. is ripping people off. Under irrperb@gmail.com (no telephone # or address), . they sell many other items under the pretense of a discount. They should be held accountable for false advertising & stealing from customers. John

  32. This Company is a complete rip off. They have no customer service. Emailed them 8 times, nothing. Good luck getting anything. They should be banned.

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