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Is Acticeous Scam Or Legit: Check Complete Reviews Here!

Is Acticeous Scam or Legit? We have evaluated all elements of the legitimacy here. Kindly read this post and know.

Are you desperate to buy decorations for your garden and home? It has now become simple with Acticeous websites in the countries like the United States. But, Is Acticeous Scam or Legit? Our team tried to evaluate all the necessary elements of the Acticeous store that can help us to identify if the shop is secure to buy the products. So, kindly go through our research thoroughly. 

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Check The Legitimacy Of The Acticeous! 

  • Trust Index: Our team did not find a good trust index. A 14.3/100 count has been evaluated on the Acticeous store.
  • Enrollment Date: August 5, 2022, is the creation date of the Acticeous store. The continuance of the website is of six months.
  • Phishing Score: A mediocre phishing score has been found on the Acticeous website. A 43/100 count is detected.
  • Malware Score: The site got a high malware score of 79/100. 
  • Shopper’s Reaction: We have not seen Acticeous Reviews on any product of the website online or on the Acticeous website.
  • Social Media Profiles: We have not found any profiles on the social media network. 
  • Data Safety: We have found the presence of a valid HTTPS connection. It means the connection is secure and safe.
  • Missed Information: The official site’s address and contact number are missing. 

About the Acticeous Store!

The Acticeous website provides several decorative materials for gardens. They have a special variety of Christmas decorations. 

  • Twinkling Lawn Sculptures
  • Warm White Snowman 6 feet
  • Steel Raised Beds
  • Garden Decoration
  • Snowman Porch Covers

Specifications As Explained in Is Acticeous Scam or Legit

  • URL: https://acticeous.com/
  • Location Details: The official website’s location seems missing.
  • Email Id: info@acticeous.com
  • Telephone Number: Unavailable.
  • Our team had not found any feedback on the Acticeous official website or online.
  • Return Policy: The orders can be returned within two weeks of delivery.
  • Payment Options: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.
  • Shipping Policy: The products are delivered standardly within 12-20 days. 

Positive Points

  • The free shipping offer is valid for orders above $50. 
  • The email id is available.

Negative Points

  • Our team did not discover any reliable testimonials on the site.
  • The social media profiles are also missing.
  • The phone number is missing.

Acticeous Reviews

Our research team has found the components that determine the permissibility of the Acticeous website. The major thing is that the website does not have any feedback on the official website. Their products lack any customer reaction. Also, we have checked the online pages to seek any reviews on the products. But, it showed red flags and there are no reviews. Moreover, we have found zero social media profiles on any social channel like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thus, all the factors suggest that the site seems not a trustworthy store. Thus, Is Acticeous Scam or Legit? We will say No. Buyers should gain some knowledge of the facts that can avoid Credit Card Scamming

Final Thoughts

Summing up this post, our team learned that the Acticeous store was registered around six months ago. The site got a bad trust index. Thus, the website does not look trustworthy. We suggest you take some guidance on the ways to deal with PayPal Scammers. One can check more information on the Snowman  here. 

Which is your favorite collection of the Acticeous store? Kindly share if you will buy that item from this shop. 

Is Acticeous Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the shipping policy of the Acticeous website?

Ans. The standard shipping takes 12-20 days and provides free shipping for over $50.

Q2. Are any customer reviews seen on the collection of the Acticeous website?

Ans. Our team did not evaluate any customer reviews on the official website or online site. 

Q3. Does the Acticeous site get pages on social networks? 

Ans. There are no profiles of the Acticeous website on the social media site.

Q4. What kind of products are sold in the Acticeous store?

Ans. The website offers several decorative materials. They have beautiful Christmas decoratives, garden decorations, etc. 

Q5. Is Acticeous Scam or Legit

Ans. As per our research, we cannot say that the website is trustworthy because the site got a bad continuance, a high malware score, poor trust index. Also, there is no feedback on any website.

Q6. What is the continuance of the Acticeous store? 

Ans. The website has a poor continuance of only six months.   

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