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Is Airf1shop Legit {Dec 2021} Read the Entire Review Now

In this article, we had answered the query Is Airf1shop Legit through several highlighted facts.

How crazy are you to purchase sneakers? Are you in search of branded and affordable sneakers? If yes, we can help you out with this. 

Let us note; here that some individuals in the United States love to use branded stuff. However, money is the concern. Branded sneakers are not so affordable to all people. Airf1shop site provides a reasonable price. Additionally, we would like to guide you to understand, Is Airf1shop Legit.

Let us look in the below section for more details and clarification.

Is Airf1shop Genuine?

It is an obvious query before the purchase of any product. So, let us know about the legitimacy of this site too.

  • Portal Age – The age is less than six months, created on 21 November 2021
  • Portal Trust Score – It is 1 % which falls under the badly trust index.
  • Copied Content – Sections like about us, delivery information, privacy policy, etc. The site is 100 % copied and founded on several similar fake sites.
  • Customer Reviews – The review is missing from the site. It confirms the doubt on Airf1shop Reviews.
  • Social Media Connection – This site portrays the link-up with social media platforms through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. However, it does not land on the actual page.
  • Contact Address Legality – It has repeated from another fake site. We can note similar addresses on many fake sites.
  • Owner Information – It is missing in this portal. 
  • Missing Specifications– There is no information about the payment policy followed on this website. 
  • The Return and exchange policies: The site failed to focus on this section.

We have more to come in the below section to confirm your doubt Is Airf1shop Legit.

What Is Airf1shop com?

Airf1shop.com is an online portal that has wide-ranging sneakers. These sneakers are branded products with a reasonable price range. The brands available on this site are Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Due to the variety of known brands, this site claims that they deliver only star rating products.


  • Type of Portal – It is the e-commerce site; that provides ultimate branded sneakers from Jordan, Nike, and Adidas.
  • The Portal Address –https://www.airf1shop.com/
  • E-mail Id – buying@saleshape.fun
  • Phone Number –the contact number is missing in this portal.
  • Contact Address – 128 LIN Road, Pottstown, PA 19464, United States. (This is the complete copied address, which is a significant fact regarding Is Airf1shop Legit).
  • Sort and filter option – Options are missing on the site.
  • Price of Products – Available in US Dollars, Euros, and Pound.
  • Policies for Payment – Not mentioned.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies – It supports free shipping with 5 to 9 days of delivery time.
  • Return and Refund Policies – This site failed to provide it.
  • Payment Options – It is feasible from PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, and credit cards.


Find the slight positive features of this website.

  • The website was designed neatly, and it is also attractive.
  • New arrivals are specified on the site.
  • Product descriptions are explained well.
  • Free shipping and returns are available.

Cons to clarify Is Airf1shop Legit.

Find some messy facts of this portal, which shall clarify it.

  • This site is a recent creation which exaggerates the doubt on this portal.
  • The sections like about us, delivery information, etc. copied were unacceptable for a brand in the market. 
  • The trust score is only 1 % and hence portrays itself as a badly trusted site.
  • The customer reviews are missing on this site.
  • All the social media links are undirected to the website page. It is suspicious to believe on this site.

Reviews of the customer on the site are essential to identify the truth. So, let us take a look into it.

Airf1shop Reviews.

As we went through several points to prove the legitimacy, we found no reviews in any one of the products. However, we tried our best to search for reviews on other sites like Reddit and Quora. Yet, the result was negative. The absence of the reviews stresses that the site is unsafe.

In addition, it would be helpful to know about Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed.


The information mentioned above highlights that this site is not the safest platform to purchase the product. We hope that it is now crystal-clear to you about Is Airf1shop Legit. If you have additional inquiries, comment down in the comment section below. Furthermore, look for Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam in this link. Get decent products here in the best-Nike shoes for men.

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