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Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam {April} Be Safe From A Scam!

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam {April} Be Safe From A Scam!>> Do the free deals of Amazon are making you curious? Read the article and know if these deals are real or not.

Amazon is the most trusted platform on which people rely for their shopping. In the United States, people love to use Amazon for purchasing electronic gadgets and the latest technology devices. 

The portal offers gift cards, coupons, and free deals, but recently an air pod of Apple is gaining a lot of attention from the people. They are getting messages on their accounts that they have won the free air pods of Apple. Seeing this, anyone can get excited for a minute. But all we have to think Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

Who is the target for the scam?

Unsuspecting users are receiving a message from Amazon which claims to offer free Airpod. For people who show interest in listening to podcasts and songs, air pods is their priority. So, the company is targeting those groups of people. Moreover, free Airpod will make their listening experience much better.

A few days back, there was a raffle scam reported by the public where they got a message from Amazon regarding the winning of the raffle. But the team of Better Business Bureau had warned the public and saved them from the trap.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

  • The message sent by Amazon is a scam as the link shared in it, when clicked, redirects to the phishing websites like other scam messages.
  • Fraudulent websites take the source of trustworthy companies like Amazon and try to mislead people.
  • In case you have not entered the raffle or have not recently opted for some promotion on Amazon, then receiving such messages is a scam.
  • If Amazon were doing promotions and you won prizes, then your Amazon account would have reflected the same. But that didn’t happen in Apple’s AirPods.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam – The points discussed above proved that fishy sources are trying to mislead the customers and want to grab their personal and financial details.

How to avoid these text scams?

Well, we are sharing some crucial points that can help you in avoiding such scam messages.

  • Don’t trust every message you receive from the company. No company sends personal text to the individual until and unless he/she choose this service on its own.
  • The scam text messages usually contain the links of a phishing website. Like in the case of Apple’s Airpod and this was the reason that compels people to question Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?
  • Think twice before clicking on any suspicious links.
  • Do not text back to any scam messages as scammers want to confirm if your number is active or not. So, it’s better to block them.


The scam text messages have been increased in the pandemic. It’s our responsibility to check out all the links carefully before clicking. If you receive any such text message, then report the number to the customer care service of Amazon Company. Moreover, have a check on your Amazon account as every prize that you win is displayed over there.

By following these simple guidelines, you can keep yourself away from airpod scams.

Do we hope we have successfully presented the facts that answer Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

What type of scam text messages do you receive from the company? Please share your answers in the comment box.

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