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[Unedited] Is Berry Max A Scam: Explore Full Details On Berry Max Trading Platform

Is Berry Max a Scam? In this post, you will know if this trading platform is fooling people or if it is a genuine store.

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? Which is the most trusted platform? Nowadays people are investing in cryptocurrency through different platforms. The Berry Max platform in South Africa is trending. But, Is Berry Max a Scam? In today’s post, we will discuss a lot about this website and if this website is fooling people. If you want to understand the legitimacy of this platform, kindly read this full article.

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Berry Max: Is it a Scam Portal?

According to online sources, Berry Max is an online trading platform that deals in 20-plus cryptocurrencies. Many online sources suggested that it is a scam portal because it got poor withdrawal facilities and some legitimacy factors. It was registered around a year ago and got some skeptical updates on it. It is not allowing users to withdraw funds from their accounts.

Latest Update: Berry Max Trading Platform!

According to online sources, the NBFIRA issued a public notice on December 12, 2022, claiming that Berry Max is an unlicensed or unauthorized virtual asset service platform. The platform has stopped allowing their investors to withdraw their funds and the investors noticed that they are unable to withdraw their funds since May 2, 2023. According to the latest reports, Berry.im allowed their investors to withdraw funds amounting to $10 to $1000 in a day. Many investors were worried about the money that they invested through Berry Max. However, the situation worsened for 20 days when the situation remained unresolved on Berry Max and Nasdaq

It is a poor signal that the website has stopped allowing its investors to carry out funds before a month of the expiry of its registration. One should stay alert while investing in such portals. 

DISCLAIMER: We have taken all the facts on Berry Max from authentic sources. The audience should not trust this portal blindly. Also, we do not aim to target any particular platform. The details are provided as the readers want to know about this portal. So, kindly refer to our post for knowledge purposes.

Is this portal a scam?

Many people are asking: Is Berry Max a Scam? So, we must tell them that the platform was registered on June 13, 2022, and would expire after a year. Its facilities are not up to the mark and made everyone skeptical about it.

Latest Announcement by Berry Max! 

Recently, on May 12, 2023, published a public notice in which they announced that they will be listing their token as BRY in the cryptocurrency list. They have decided to rebrand their cryptocurrency and this was informed to their investors through Zoom meetings. 

The officials sent around 23 Zoom meeting invites through the Telegram channel to call the investors and inform them about their decision of rebranding.

Is Berry Max a Scam? People became more suspicious and started asking this question when Berry.im announced that they will be taking action against those who are making fake trading accounts and using them for unauthentic purposes. Also, some accounts remained unused for a long time. So, the authorities decided to take action against them also.


Wrapping up this post here, we have given all the necessary details on Berry Max. The platform does not look genuine due to its poor lifespan and reviews on it. You need to stay alert to such scam portals. 

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Is Berry Max a Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Berry Max platform?

Ans. According to online sources, it is a trading platform in which you can buy or sell different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Q2. Why is this platform trending?

Ans. As per online sources, Berry Max has disallowed people to take out their funds until they reactivate their accounts. Due to this, the investors are talking about it.

Q3. Why are people calling it a scam portal? 

Ans. The poor reviews, registration dates, and services make everyone ponder on the legitimacy. They are lacking in certain factors due to which people called it seemsa fake portal.

Q4. Is Berry Max a Scam?

Ans. No, this platform does not look like a safe portal due to its poor lifespan and its services made everyone skeptical.

Q5. How much does an investor can withdraw at a time?

Ans. One can withdraw $10 to $1000.

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