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Is Bibikid Scam Or Legit {Oct} Read The Entire Review

This research on Is Bibikid Scam or Legit will help you understand whether the shop is real or fake. Kindly connect with us to know in-depth details.

Are you searching for outfits for toddlers? You can explore the Bibikid store, which is popular in the United States

But, Is Bibikid Scam or Legit? Visitors may come to our page to know the truth and find the answer to their queries. So, if you are looking for these details, you have visited the right place.

Table of Contents

Is this site trustworthy?

Several Online sites are not advertised but are genuine due to their policies. But, a few online sites are advertised only to become popular and could even be scams. But, we are not one to pass judgment on any online store until its legitimacy speaks out its truth. So, Bibikid can be genuine or trustworthy, or it may not be; this can only be known once we check Bibikid Reviews. It will make it crystal clear about the authenticity and reliability of the Bibikid store. This is the right destination to know everything regarding the legality of the Bibikid shop.

If you want to know about these factors, kindly check them.

  • Trust Score: 2 percent is the trust factor found in the store. The website looks unauthentic and one cannot believe the store quickly.
  • Website Registration: July 5, 2022, is the discovery date of the Bibikid shop. The website was found two months ago only, and we cannot believe the portal.
  • Registrar: Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina (www.net.cn)
  • Purchaser’s Reviews: Is Bibikid Scam or Legit? It can be a suspicious store as there are no good reviews on any review portals. The domain lacks the user’s interest.
  • Social Networks: The Facebook page is available. But, we searched for reviews and found nothing on it. The followers did not show any interest.
  • Data Security: Security is at its peak for this website. 
  • Missed Data: They have not presented their phone number on the portal. The email and location are available.
  • Policy: All the policies, like privacy, refund, cancellation, shipping, return, etc., are found perfectly.
  • Expiry Date: July 5, 2023, is the expiration date of the Bibikid store. 

Overview as examined in Is Bibikid Scam or Legit.

Bibikid provides first-class designs of clothing products. They feature modern clothes for babies or toddlers. The store also has a collection for pregnant women. They have offered many huge discounts on the items. It is one of the best shops to buy baby clothes or accessories. Now you can dress up your kid in the most fashionable way you want. They have:

  • Pregnant Women’s Trousers
  • Accessories like necklaces, bows, etc.
  • Baby collections like swing tops, long sleeve swing tops, etc.

Features of the Bibikid site

  • Purchase baby clothes from https://bibikid.com/.
  • Email Id: bibikid@gmail.com
  • Address Details: Balmoral Industrial estate, Navan Meath, Abbeylands South, Suite 10542, Ireland, C15 DD72. 
  • Phone Number: Unavailable.
  • Is Bibikid Scam or Legit? The shop seems suspicious as we have not gathered details on reviews. No review site has shared any ratings.
  • Return Policy: The website provides a free return. One can request a return within 14 days.
  • Shipping Policy: The shop has stated that the buyers can expect standard delivery in 10-25 days. 
  • Payment Modes: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Diner Club, Discover.

Positive Points

  • Free delivery on packages over $49. 
  • Email and address are available.

Negative Points

  • Zero reviews are found on the review sites.
  • The Facebook page does not show user comments or reviews.

Bibikid Reviews

The domain is opposite to what it has shown to us. It looks like a suspicious website, as no online review portal has shared comments on its validity. The customer does not look excited about their products as the official website lacks the users’ interest. Our team showed red flags to the website because Facebook was found, but the page has no comments or reviews by followers or users. All these vital components recommend that we think twice before shopping. One can check crucial steps that can be taken to avoid Credit Card Scamming.

Final Summary

Summing up this write-up on Is Bibikid Scam or Legit, we learned that the store had been registered recently. It was founded two months ago. Also, the trust factor is lousy, and one should not trust the website. The store seems suspicious, and we recommend you not share any personal information. If you have done so, you need to secure your bank credentials from PayPal Scammers.

Would you like to give your thoughts on this write-up? Please let us know in the comment section below.

16 thoughts on “Is Bibikid Scam Or Legit {Oct} Read The Entire Review

  1. My car totally broke down and I need transportation to get around. When I came
    Across these cool looking scooters of course I want one but all other used scooters I’ve seen are so much more than this one.
    I think I’ll not take the chance….know what I mean? Even tho it’s only $50.

    1. Hi Lisa! Indeed, we understand your opinion about its legitimacy. We also found many factors that make this portal a scam. Stay alert & scam.

  2. I am sad yet glad that I did read about the bibikid ,I was just about to order the 3wheel scooter looks to be fun and would make a great gift, but sadly I will not chance being scammed, mainly because I live on a fixed income. I pray that everyone out there be careful,

    1. Hi Angelo! We suggest you should be happy and not sad as you have been protected from being a scam as you read the blog containing all the essential points. Stay alert and safe, and remain connected for more such updates.

  3. oh dear GOD I GOT SO EXCITED About the 3 wheel scooter I’m a bilateral above the knees amputee so i thought this would be good for ne to get around so i made a purchase which now after reading your comments i think i fell for the scam, im going to try and have my card not process the pay.ent

    1. Hi Mike! We recommend you process the cancel and refund steps as soon as possible, as this is not a legit portal. Thanks, and stay connected for more safe guidance.

  4. I am tempted to order the scooter. I know it’s most likely a scam but may go in as the, “Guinea Pig”. I’m just worried there are hidden terms and conditions. I do not want to get recurring charges to my bank account. Hmmm…

    1. Hi Lori! Our research found that this portal is not legit. Therefore, try not to invest in this site. Stay alert & safe.

  5. I am disabled and live on $750 a month from SSI. I could really use this trike! It would help keep me from being housebound! But losing $50 or more would also kill me financially! So unfair for sites like these to prey on people like me! If anyone does find this to be legit, I’d sure love to know. Thanks, Kim

    1. Hi Kim! This portal has been registered recently, and many essential legitimacy factors are not fulfilled. Hence, we cannot recommend using this site. Do follow other trusted portals for authentic and legit purchases. Stay tuned for more such updates.

  6. I was scammed by Pirdnew.com 98$ Not received the Electric Mountain Biker reported to PayPal they closed complaint saying USPS tracking # it was delivered checked with PO near me and they sad a 2.8 once was delivered and I reported fraud to the Postal Inspector but don’t believe I will get my $ back
    So sad
    Don’t be fooled & frauded

    1. Hi Lew! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This will help in guiding other consumers for their data security. Stay connected for more updates.

    1. Hi Shyla! We suggest not getting trapped in such scams. They provide such lucrative offers only to attract consumers. Stay alert & tuned with us for more informative guided blogs.

  7. This company is a huge scam. I purchased 2 scooters and all I got was a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Do not buy from them.

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