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Is Chalice Collectibles Legit (Jan) The Complete Review!

Is Chalice Collectibles Legit (Jan) The Complete Review! >>This review shares the feedback of the customers regarding the website, which assures to provide the premium quality of products.

Is Chalice Collectibles Legit? How many of you people have been or still are cartoon and anime fans? Have you always wanted to decorate your room with those cartoon and anime collectibles?  

Collection of items and goods can develop into a habit very soon. However, we always should be cautious as to from where we’re purchasing. For people who have a habit of collecting replicas of the characters we see on TV, internet purchasing is always a good idea. It is based in the United States.

Based on specific criteria, our experts have formed a judgment about this website. We advise you to read this review along, and at the end, you will have a conclusion. You will get to know if you should be putting your money here and if it is going to be safe.

Is Chalice Collectibles Legit? 

The research states that the site holds both positive and negative feedback. The domain of the website is also working from three years and holds social media accounts.

But the website lacks to share the contact information with the user which make thing challenging for the customers. So, we cannot conclude the site as legit or scam as it has good ratings on the internet but yet customers are not happy.

What is this website? 

Like most websites these days, they are also selling our products. But what are they selling? It is none other than our favorite collectibles from the TV shows that we love watching. 

Is Chalice Collectibles Legit? It has also been tagged by HTTPS, which is a good sign to show its legitimacy. Please find out the specific information about their website here. 

We find Pokémon toy replicas, Naruto replicas, Funko replicas, and many more popular collectibles. You can not only present them as gifts to your loved ones, but they also prove to be a good eye-catcher for your room.

Chalice Collectibles Specifications 

  1. Website: https://chalicecollectibles.com/
  2. According to our research this site sells collectibles or replicas of popular TV show characters of cartoon characters. 
  3. Processing duration – 3 business days
  4. Delivery- At least three business days
  5. Email- info@chalicecollectibles.com
  6. Phone number- Not mentioned. 
  7. Address – Arizona, United States. ( Check out other policies to find Is Chalice Collectibles Legit or not)
  8. Return: They don’t accept returns. The only way to return damaged goods is by sending them an email. It has to be done within five days of the receipt of the product. 
  9. Exchange – According to survey the only way to exchange damaged goods is by sending them an email. It has to be done within five days of the receipt of the product.
  10. Refund policy – Not mentioned. 
  11. Payment method – via Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Shopify pay, Visa cards, and American express 
  12. Domain creation date – 22nd March 2017. 

Chalice Collectibles Pros 

  • Original website contents and no duplications, which can give a satisfaction to the query that Is Chalice Collectibles Legit or not. 
  • The presence of reviews on Google about the website is a good sign. 
  • The variety of the products they are selling is pretty good. 
  • The prices are reasonable. 
  • As it has been tagged by HTTPS, it is safe to visit, and that is a good sign again. 
  • Fast delivery within three days in the home country

Chalice Collectible Cons 

  • No return or exchanges can be made. It can only be done if the items are damaged. A picture is to be sent to the email mentioned, and after that, they will initiate the return. That readily looks like a much longer and time taking process. 
  • The domain is relatively new, and there are no customer reviews on their website. The presence of Google reviews doesn’t seem to be satisfactory. 
  • No social media handles present on the website. 

Chalice Collectibles Review 

There seems to be a few reviews on Google and Facebook. Customers think that chalice collectibles are “a very incredible variety of Pop! Characters are only for sale here. The prices are more or less just about what we see at any mall etc.” 

Social media response shows that this site has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. These reviews show a good sign when it comes to checking the legitimacy of the website. 

If you wish to purchase the stuff from this website, then you must check the review of user to buy the product accordingly.


Here is the feedback of the website which is working from three years and holds both aspects of customer feedback according to Chalice Collectibles Review.

If you feel to use this website then go for your research as we are unable to concludes it as scam or legit because of its ratings and reviews.

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