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Is Coinjob.org Scam {August} Read Complete Details Now!

Is Coinjob.org Scam {August} Read Complete Details Now! -> You decide to earn real dollars or cryptocurrency after doing online gigs.

Many people around the world enjoy comfort and bliss while working from home. They usually have either part-time or full-time jobs. Can you get one job of such kind? Well, numerous possibilities are available on the internet. Speaking of jobs, we are coming across a frequent question, “Is Coinjob.org Scam?“.  

When we try to find the company’s existence, the Google search engine has maximum votes for the keyword mentioned above. Therefore, the United States citizens are looking for other mediums to get a job. Coinjob.org Reviews show some complaints that cannot be ignored. Let’s check out the story in detail.

What is Coinjob.org?

We have yet to find a legit website for this company. However, the studies show it is a platform for freelancers to get real work-from-home jobs. It builds a better relationship between employees and employers. The company focuses on Cryptocurrency (JOBI), which is trading money. Once you earn JOBI after doing a gig, you need to invest it into arbitration.  

How do Coinjob.org works?

When you go to the Coinjob.org website, you have to watch a video. For register yourself, below are the three mandatory steps:

  • Step 1: Select the applicable option of how did you find them!
  • Step 2: Fill out the sections of the name, email address, phone number, and password to proceed.
  • Step 3: After filling and verifying your personal details, get access to Coinjob.org in this step.

Customer feedback

Coinjob.org Reviews show a different and horrible story of the users. They are frustrated with the consistently recorded calls on their numbers. The executives lure you by claiming to earn twenty-thousand dollars after watching two videos. Besides, the freelancers also state that the calls are extensively frequent, which loaded their voice mails to interrupt with essential calls. 

Some users claim that Coinjob.org steals the identity and never pays you. We can agree with them because the company pays you in JOBI (cryptocurrency), which is for the digital trading business. 

Final Verdict:

If you question us, “Is Coinjob.org Scam?” we will say yes. Giving a platform to build a professional relationship is one thing, and scamming the employees is another. You can toil throughout the day, but you will only get crypto-currency in return. The hard-earned money of yours is only useful for trading. 

Coinjob.org Reviews show us that you may earn in trading or can lose everything. Therefore, we recommend you contact legit companies to find part-time jobs to make real money. There are possibilities that the company’s executives will call you endlessly until your voice mail is full. Even then, you cannot escape this trap unless you register yourself.

Trust the reviews or complaints present on websites! It will help protect yourself from unnecessary calls and a big scam. Coinjob.org is a 2017 founded company, and it has not received any credibility from the customers. Check-out your needs and tell us your decision in the comment section!


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  1. You need to have a video out where the person speaks slowly and preferably without too much of an accent because I couldn’t really understand a word they said

  2. I invest In cryptocurrency, and I’m making decent money. You CAN PUT cryptocurrency STRAIGHT into your checking account as cash whenever you want to. I put money in and take it out any time I please. Also, I truly believe that our future will end up being cryptocurrency. So, I got the voicemail & I looked it up, got this here first. I think I’ll still look into it because I’m making money in Cryptocurrency now by trading. Read about it more, people?!

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