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[Updated Now] Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested: Where Is She Now? Is She In Jail? Does Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case?

The article answers the question Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested and provides information about the proceedings of the mysterious Robinson’s death case.

Have you heard the news of Shanquella Robinson? The news of her death is making rounds, and people from the United States are looking for the verdict given by the authorities. But till now, Daejanae Jackson has not been arrested. However, an arrest warrant is issued, which demands she be kept in federal custody.

No reports about her arrest have been put out in the media. Is Daejanae Jackson ArrestedThe answer is No. Read on for further details.

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Disclaimer: We do not post false information; the news is based purely on authentic sources.

Proceedings of the Shanquella Robinson case

On October 28, Shanquella went with her friends to Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate her friend’s birthday. Within 24 hours, the news of her death flashed out, and her family demanded complete verification of the case.

In one of the videos released, we can see Daejanae beating up Shanquella ruthlessly while she sat on the floor, unable to get up and fight for herself. We do not know the reason behind this brutal behaviour, and only after Daejanae’s arrest will people find the absolute truth.

Daejanae Jackson- Where Is She Now?

We have no information about her present whereabouts. Still, according to one of the sources, she was interrogated by the Mexican police authorities, and after that, no information has been put out yet. After Shanquella’s death, a close family friend, Khalil Cooke, called her mother to inform her that her daughter was seriously ill due to liquor poisoning.

The man had been with the family for the last five years and said they had brought back her luggage from Mexico. Her mother doubted the matter and demanded verification of the case after her daughter’s death. The authorities have not disclosed anything further, and people are waiting for the reports.

Information about Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case

The autopsy details of the victim, Shanquella Robinson, revealed that the extreme injury in the spinal cord led to her death. The report also said that the death happened fifteen minutes after the injury.

Some of the media sources revealed that the Mexico police are working together with the United States police department to take control of the matter, and it is clear that the death happened due to the brutal attack of Daejaenae Jackson.

An arrest warrant has been issued in her name. The Attorney General of Mexico confirms the issue of an arrest warrant for the femicide crime.

 Is She In Jail? What is the latest information?

Daejanae Jackson is not in jail, but we hope to see her behind bars soon. No one can forgive the brutal crime, and as per the latest information, she is being interrogated by the authorities. It is for sure that Daejanae won’t accept the crime easily, and it may take some time for her to be in jail, but that will happen soon.

The autopsy report and video on social media highlighted the matter. Shanquella’s friends would never have thought that they would be caught in the matter and be the prime suspect.

Social Media Reactions for the culprit

People are asking Is Daejanae Jackson ArrestedSocial media has kept its eyes on the matter. They are looking for the details of the murderer, Daejanae Jackson, and until now, no one knows the real reason behind the crime. People on social media are demanding Shanaquella’s justice.

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The police officials have not reported anything yet about the matter, but an arrest warrant has been issued against some of Shanquella’s friends. Are you waiting for the final verdict too? Comment below.

Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested-FAQs

Q1. Who is Daejanae Jackson?

She is the prime culprit in Shanquella’s murder.

Q2. When did the crime take place?

On October 28, 2022.

Q3. Why did Shanquella go on a trip to Cabo?

Shanaquella accompanied her friends to celebrate one of her friend’s birthdays.

Q4. When was Shanquella declared dead?

On October 29, she was declared dead.

Q5. How many friends went on a trip together along with Shanquella?

Six people travelled with Robinson to Cabo.

Q6. What’s the name of Shanquella’s mother?

Salmondra Robinson is her mother’s name.

Q7. What are the social media reactions to Robinson’s death?

Netizens are demanding justice for Robinson and want strict actions against the culprits.

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