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Is Ectaktd Scam Or Legit {Jan} Read The Entire Review!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere to check Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit? Also, learn ectaktd.com’s legitimacy.

Every year, people in the United States have experienced fraud on newly launched websites during the holiday season. Such websites are active only for two to three months to get customers’ orders and payments. But later become inactive, leaving no options for refunds (or) to contact customer service. Did you come across ectaktd.com?

In this article, let’s check customer reviews and facts to check if Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit?

Is Ectaktd Legit?

  • Ectaktd Creation: 25th-December-2022 at 7:00:00.
  • Ectaktd Age: eleven days old.
  • Ectaktd Last updated on: 30th-December-2022 at 7:00:00.
  • Ectaktd Expiry: 25th-December-2023 at 7:00:00.
  • Ectaktd life expectancy: eleven months and nineteen days.
  • Trust Index: Ectaktd gained an awful 1% trust score.
  • Domain Authority: a terrible 2/100.
  • Visitor count: Low
  • Alexa Ranking: 6377583
  • Place of origin: Ectaktd was registered in AZ, US.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Ectaktd is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security: Ectaktd utilizes a secured HTTPS connection.
  • SSL Status: its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 84 days.
  • Ectaktd Reviews on Server location: two servers located in China.
  • Contact person: unspecified.
  • Social relations: Ectaktd is not present on social media.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: censored using services of PrivacyGuardian.org LLC.


Ectaktd.com is a e-store launched during Christmas and holiday seasons. Ectaktd is an example of a network of scamming sites. It is affiliated with atorriies.com, which is also related to srtenfr.com. Srtenfr.com, atorriies.com, and ectaktd.com replicated the website design, content, and products!

Ectaktd’s mission statement is generic and can be used on any website, a negative highlight to check Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit. Its mission statement is stolen from several sites. It speaks about providing products related to sports, professions, Etc., which are not present on ectaktd.com. Only twelve items are offered for sale, including:

A). Wreath:

  1. Lavender and eucalyptus,
  2. Mini lambs ear,
  3. Scandinavian,
  4. Cream berry door,
  5. Modern hoop,
  6. Modern farmhouse,

B). Christmas tree ornaments:

  1. Mini star snowflake,
  2. Wooden snowflake,
  3. Llama,
  4. Maple tree leaf,
  5. Funny gingerbread, and
  6. THC molecule.


  • Buy Christmas tree ornaments and wreaths at: https://ectaktd.com/.
  • Social media Links: not included.
  • Price: between $9.99 to $24.99.
  • Physical Address, Phone (or) WhatsApp number: unspecified, hinting Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit?
  • Email address: info@atorriies.com, found to be related to another website.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: only user reviews are supported.
  • Terms and Conditions: present but plagiarized on Ectaktd.
  • Privacy policy: present but plagiarized on Ectaktd.
  • Delivery Policy: orders are delivered within seven to fifteen days in the USA and ten to twenty days for international orders.
  • Shipping Policy: Standard Shipping costs $5.99, Express Shipping costs $8.99, and VIP Shipping costs $15.99.
  • Tracking: possible with tracking number (or) registered email at https://ectaktd.com/page/custom/track-your-order.
  • Return Policy: Ectaktd supports 30 days returns, accounted to review Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit.
  • Refunds Policy: credit is processed within three to seven business days to the original mode of payment, and a notification will be sent.
  • Mode of Payment: via Visa, MasterCard, MastroCard, and Amex in US$.


  • Ectaktd.com offers free shipping on orders above $35.00
  • Simple UI and single-page catalog
  • Detailed item specifications are present
  • Ectaktd supports international shipments
  • Ectaktd.com provides lifetime guarantee


  • The free shipping is contradicted
  • Discounts are not offered on any items
  • Ectaktd.com allows customers to place infinite orders
  • The registrar of ectaktd.com is popular among scammers

Customers Ectaktd Reviews:

Six website reviews and two YouTube reviews suggest that ectaktd.com is a scam. Learn about PayPal diddles to safeguard yourself from payment fraud. Product reviews on ectaktd.com are yet to be rated.


Ectaktd.com seems a Scam. It is one of the websites among network of scamming sites.

The customer service contact number, owner’s details, and physical address are unspecified.

Ectaktd gained terrible trust, DA, and Alexa ranking. No customer acknowledged (or) ratings about receiving delivery from Ectaktd.com were available. Please learn about credit card diddles to avoid unauthorized charges.

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Is Ectaktd Scam or Legit – FAQ

Q1. Dose ectaktd.com supports exchanges?


Q2. What is the order cancellation timeline on ectaktd.com?

The cancellation policy and fee were unspecified.

Q3. Are newsletters published by ectaktd.com?


Q4. Are Help (or) FAQs present on ectaktd.com?


Q5. Which location are ectaktd stores located?

Ectaktd doesn’t have any physical stores.

Q6. Which carrier is used by ectaktd.com?

US postal service and e-packet.

Q7. How much is ectaktd’s restocking fee? 

There is no restocking fee.

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