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Is Enmtw Scam {Aug} Read Reviews – Safe To Buy Or Not?

This article contains information about Enmtw, a commercial website selling coolers. But, first, let’s find out Is Enmtw Scam.

With hot summer in the United States, an ice cooler becomes a must for enjoying outdoor activities. Are you planning to buy an ice cooler this summer? Do you want to purchase a branded cooler? Are you looking for a cooler that is durable but comes at a low price? Did you searched the internet for coolers and came across enmtw.com? But, before making a purchase, would you like to read a review about enmtw.com?

This article gives you a full review of the website to scrutinize Is Enmtw Scam.

Is Enmtw legit?

  • Website Age – 7th August 2021, 17 days old.
  • Website Trust Score –  60%, not reliable
  • Linking to Social Media – not working
  • Content Originality – copied from numerous websites
  • Owner Contact Details – This critical information is not provided
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 24/100.
  • Website Popularity – 0, poor
  • Threat Profile – 71/100
  • Phishing Score – 71/100
  • Malware Score – 65/100
  • Spam Score – 40/100

What is Enmtw?

Enmtw is a commercial website offering hard and soft coolers manufactured by YETI. Below is the list of coolers offered for sale:

  • Soft cooler Hopper backflip 24 aquifer blue, Soft cooler Hopper backflip 24 charcoal
  • Soft cooler Hopper backflip 24 navy. Would you please read Enmtw Reviews in the below section?
  • Soft cooler Hopper Flip 12 aquifer blue, Soft cooler Hopper Flip 12 charcoal
  • Soft cooler Hopper Flip 12 navy, Soft cooler Hopper m30 aquifer blue, Soft cooler Hopper m30 charcoal, Soft cooler Hopper m30 coral, Soft cooler Hopper m30 king crab orange
  • Soft cooler Hopper m30 navy
  • Hard cooler Roadie 24 aquifer blue, Hard cooler Roadie 24 charcoal, Hard cooler Roadie 24 desert tan, Hard cooler Roadie 24 king crab orange, Hard cooler Roadie 24 navy, Hard cooler Roadie 24 white
  • Water cooler Silo 6g white
  • Hard cooler Tundra 35 aquifer blue, Hard cooler Tundra 35desert tan
  • Hard cooler Tundra 35 navy. Please know the specifications about Is Enmtw Scam in the next section.
  • Hard cooler Tundra 35 white, Hard cooler Tundra 45 aquifer blue, Hard cooler Tundra 45 desert tan, Hard cooler Tundra 45 navy, Hard cooler Tundra 45 white, Hard cooler Tundra 65 desert tan
  • Hard cooler Tundra 65 navy, Hard cooler Tundra 65 white, Hard cooler Tundra haul aquifer blue, Hard cooler Tundra haul desert tan
  • Hard cooler Tundra haul navy, Hard cooler Tundra haul white
  • Ice bucket Tank 85 desert tan, Ice bucket Tank 85 white


  • Address – not provided
  • Phone number – not provided
  • E-mail Address – nadagzhccz@gmail.com
  • Contact person – not provided
  • Website Type – e-commerce website
  • Address of Website – https://enmtw.com. This aspect is counted to check Is Enmtw Scam.
  • Tracking of Package – not feasible
  • The policy of Shipping – One-day order processing time plus the shipment time. 
  • Shipping fee – Standard shipping is free on all orders via EMS, DHL, USPS, ePacket. If products are returned, the shipment fee needs to be paid by the customer.
  • Return – Seven days return policy. 
  • Trial period – 60 day trial period from the date of purchase.
  • Refund – within seven days.
  • Terms and Conditions – Unclear, incomplete, and copied from several websites.
  • Price of Products – mentioned in dollars.
  • Payment – All credit cards, debit cards, and online payments are accepted.
  • Warranty – 3-year warranty on all items.

Pros to check Is Enmtw Scam:

  • Wide variety of coolers on a single platform
  • Coolers from a branded company
  • Huge discounts


  • Though the website shows different methods of payments, only payment via PayPal is offered.
  • The shipping policy does not give a timeline for the delivery of products. The shipment time will differ based on the distance of the customer’s location.
  • The 60 days trial period contradicts seven days return policy.
  • Before returning a product, approval from customer service needs to be obtained.

Customer reviews:

Enmtw does not provide an option for customer reviews, blogs, and comments. Enmtw Reviews by the customers on reliable websites are unavailable.

We advise you not to consider huge discounts offered by Enmtw. Hence, to avoid scams while using credit cards, please click here.

Final Verdict:

  • Enmtw is NOT a legitimate website. The official website of YETI is different
  • The Enmtw was launched recently and had a poor trust score. 
  • Contact details, contact person and address, is not provided. 
  • Payment is processed via PayPal only. Hence, we request you to read about PayPal scams
  • Links to social media accounts are not working. 
  • Finally, there are no customer reviews to check Is Enmtw Scam.

Which brand of coolers do you think are value for money? Please let us know about the brand of such coolers by commenting below.

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