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Is Ethereum Meta Legit (Feb 2022) Decoding Truth Here!

The guide shares the details to help investors know Is Ethereum Meta Legit or a Scam.

In a bid to address the significant weakness of Ethereum, Ethereum Meta was launched. It is the project that aims to address the lack of privacy common in Ethereum. The project promotes Smart Contracts where no family, friends, or foe can see how much and what you have purchased.

The project even focuses on including the Zero-Knowledge Snarks into the system. The foundation works as the umbrella where all the funding and expenses for the project’s development will be managed.

It claims ensuring complete transparency for the Worldwide community. But, Is Ethereum Meta Legit or a Scam?    

What is Ethereum Meta?

Ethereum Meta is the Cryptocurrency available for trading with the ticker symbol ETHM, and it operates on the Ethereum Platform. The token is launched to address the common weakness of Ethereum, the lack of privacy. 

With the new Smart Contract, the project enables direct anonymous payment between the two parties. Thus, the transactions are carried out along with standard transactions, but anonymously. Besides, the token also mixes the transaction tokens by utilizing the wallets controlled by the Smart Contracts, thereby maintaining complete transparency and protecting the network’s agreement for Worldwide investors.

Ethereum Meta is accessible via a regular ETH wallet. However, many investors want to know Is Ethereum Meta Legit or a scam despite all these facts.        

What is the Market Statistics of the Token?

As per the updates, the live value of the token is $4.15e-8, with a decline of 1.50%. Additionally, the last known trading volume of the token is $1 378 478. Thus, the token recorded a decrease in trading by 3.38%. 

The market capitalization is $2 073.36, based on which it has secured the marketing ranking of #2727. Therefore, the fully diluted market capitalization of the token is $41 089 586.80. Besides, the circulating supply of the token is 50 010 379 198, and the max supply of the token is 991 099 000 000 000 ETHM. 

Is Ethereum Meta Legit or Scam?

Before investing in the token, many investors are eager to learn whether the token is legit or a scam. So, we have analyzed the token online and found some valuable details which are worth mentioning.

  • The Ethereum Meta is positioned amongst the leading Crypto tokens on major exchanges, but it doesn’t confirm its legitimacy. 
  • Besides, the token has been in existence since 2017, and it indicates that the token has been into the market for a few long now. 
  • The official website of the token also looks highly professional with a well-written whitepaper. But as per the sources, and analysis posts, there are many red flags found on the whitepaper such as no details about the founders. So, investors want to know Is Ethereum Meta Legit or scam. 
  • The token has got mixed reviews, of which negative reviews are more from customers and people are quoting it as a scam. On one reviewing portal, it has got 1/5-star rating and 4.9/5 on the Facebook. Hence trusting the token becomes challenging.  

The Concluding Remarks

Crypto investment is a highly risky affair, and investors always prefer checking the legitimacy of the token before investing. However, in terms of Ethereum Meta, we found the token questionable and shady because of multiple negative factors, and reviews mentioned above. 

So, people asking Is Ethereum Meta Legit or Scam must know that the legitimacy of the project is questionable. So, before investing, you must research well and learn about all the investors’ reviews for this token. It is also suggested to analyze its online site carefully.

Do you have any opinions to share on Ethereum Meta? Then, please share it in the comment section. 

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12 thoughts on “Is Ethereum Meta Legit (Feb 2022) Decoding Truth Here!

  1. I strongly believe Ethereum Meta is a scam. I’ve recently bought some about two weeks ago for approximately $150. Yesterday I was shocked to see it skyrocketed to $0.0005 from $0.0000003 in less than 24 hrs! When I tried to withdraw some of the profit out it kept routing me back to Ethereum NOT Ethereum Meta but Ethereum. They block you from taking your money out even the initial investment can’t be withdrawn. I’ve been duped BIG TIME. Ethereum Meta A SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY.

    1. Hello Rogie! Thank you that you have visited our blog, and updating your response here. Your review will also be beneficial for other readers, and they would be able to make their minds for this project. Thank you! Stay Safe! Have a Blessed Day!

    2. This crypto currency is definitely a scam scan my 100$ turned in to 13 million dollars and could only be swapped out for half of a pancake which is worth $5 100% a scam don’t waste your $$$ on this shit coin

  2. Hello, I bought the ETHM 2 days ago when there was a big fluctuation of the price. I admit that I didn’t do any research but just took a risk on that.

    Obviously there was a glitch in the coinmarketcap or the ETHM system and the trust wallet showed crazy amounts. However the real price was different and that is why people were not able to sell. Today the amounts are fixed and after reading a lot of comments about scam, I decided to swap a part of my tokens via pancake swap.

    I have to tell you that I successfully swapped ETHM via pancake on 15% liquidity. To me the coin is legitimate but there was just a glitch which resulted to a view of fake pumping. Of course everyone wanted to sell and get rich overnight but that didn’t happen because the real price was detected correctly on the swapping.

    ETHM Coin is legit. My final conclusion

  3. I bought ETHEREUM META some time ago, and I have obtained a profit of approximately 40% since I successfully changed the amount I had in my portfolio in ETHEREUM, and then to real money dollars, due to the privacy system that ETHEREUM META manages, I think so that I know that this is the cause because it is causing the values ​​to be divergent in the system, causing several different values ​​to the real values ​​in the various display platforms such as COINMARKETCAP.COM, in my opinion it is legitimate, but the issue of communication of transactions needs to be improved a bit to the normal reading system such as COINMARKETCAP, which is the most consulted site in terms of Cryptocurrency.

  4. Hi bought MTHM 2 days ago today price shot up by 4000% , I tried to withdraw with no luck , its a SCAM
    Price on Coinmarket is : Ethereum Meta ETHM Rank #2493 Token On 33,157 watchlists Ethereum Meta Price (ETHM) $0.000001235 4211.44%
    When I trade its a different world

    Balance: 4632880000
    To (estimated)
    Balance: 0.00422459
    22593400000 ETHM per BNB
    Slippage Tolerance
    Minimum received
    0.183 BNB
    Price Impact
    Liquidity Provider Fee
    11580000 ETHM

  5. The part that confuses me is that… If its a scam… and everyone knows its a scam… then why does it continue to be listed on Coinbase and Coinmarketcap? This has been going on for quite some time now… if it truly is a scam, then Coinbase and Coinmarketcap must know that it is a scam… So why do they still list and allow their customers to buy??? (Can buy on Coinbase Wallet) It makes no sense. I was under the impression that Coinbase is a reputable platform??? Just makes no sense.
    And even more frustrating… if somehow it is not a scam… why cant I get the money that is showing in my Coinbase wallet??? Currently over a million bucks!!!

    1. Hello Tony M Cancilla! We appreciate that you have shared such a detailed analysis and opinion here. It would be helpful for other investors also. Yes, the listing on reputable crypto platforms might create confusion amongst investors. So, if possible, you may report at the support of these platforms and ask for help. Do keep us updated about the further status. Thank You! Stay Safe!

  6. I am starting to believe the comments that ETHM is a scam unless someone proves me wrong. The price has dropped from $0.0009752 (1315h GMT on 13th Jan 2022) to $0.000000001104 (0626h 14th Jan 2022) which is over 1000 times drop and the observation I have made is that since yesterday before the price dropped, with 2.9761999 Cake I was getting 32,354,500,000 ETHM. With the price drop, you would expect that one would get more volume of ETHM. So today I have done a swap for a similar quantity of 2.9761999 Cake and to my surprise, I have received 29,915,800,000 ETHM which is less than when the price was up. This doesn’t add up at all. Is the percentage drop a manipulated figure? Why would the volume drop for the same quantity of Cake when the price drops?

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