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Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit [Apr] Review Now!

Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit [Apr] Review Now! -> Do the unbelievable prices of the electronic gadgets available in the electronic shop are making you curious? Read the article and get all the information about the store.

Are you searching for the collection of the latest electronic gadgets? Today we are here to share the highlights of Everyday Electronics Shop. Technology innovation has brought lots of creative electronic devices for humans. People of the United States search for portals that provide a warranty on these gadgets.

Let’s look at the services of the store and try to collect the details of the items offered by the company. But firstly, would you like to know Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit? Stay tuned to get to the answer.

Everyday Electronics Shop – Is it trustworthy?

Every customer is questioning the trustworthiness of the store. We are sharing some legitimacy points to check if the offering of the company are reliable or not.

  1. The store is new in the online shopping industry. It was registered on 29 March 2021. The expiry year of the domain is 2022.
  2. The portal offers a 100% money-back guarantee to all the buyers.
  3. All the electronic gadgets are available with a warranty of two years.
  4. The email address of the store contains the domain name.
  5. Few Everyday Electronics Shop Reviews are available on reddit and are negative.
  6. The physical address shared by the company is incorrect.
  7. The about us page shares wrong details of the company’s existence.
  8. The social media icons are unavailable. During the research, no Facebook or Instagram account was found.
  9. Heavy discount offers are making the price of the products weird.
  10. Details of the return and refund policies are unavailable.

The website is new and suspicious because of the negative signs mentioned above. But it is not our final statement in view of Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit as the store is new to be judged.

What is Everyday Electronics Shop?

It is an electronic shop that deals with branded electronic gadgets. From iPhone to the smartwatches of Apple, all are available in the store. The site catches the interest of gamers with its trendy Godfall PS5 game. The company presents different PlayStations, game controllers, and headsets.

At the latest, the Microsoft Xbox series, and consoles can be purchased from the site. Special virtual reality headsets are fantastic. All the items are put down at heavy discounts, which compel us to question Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit? Let’s look at the specific features of the portal.

Specifications of Everyday Electronics Shop

  • Website type – an electronic shop with the latest gadgets.
  • Contact number – 7065387347
  • Visiting hours – 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Email address – Info@Everydayelectronicsshop.Com
  • Address of the company – 1046 Toffie Terrace #1035, Atlanta, USA.
  • Shipping timing – 2-3 business days
  • Guarantee – customers can get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pros of Everyday Electronics Shop

  • The store has an exclusive collection of electronic gadgets.
  • It gives a warranty of two years.

Cons of Everyday Electronics Shop

  • On answering Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit, we found customers are not well known with the store and have shared only a few comments on Reddit.
  • About us share the wrong date of existence of the company. Moreover, information related to the company’s past is absent.
  • Some icons of the portal are not working. We are unable to open the FAQ section of the portal.
  • The company misleads its customers by sharing the wrong physical address.
  • The social media icons are not available, and the website is not popular socially.

What are Everyday Electronics Shop Reviews?

The website is new, and it’s genuine to have only a few comments from the buyers. But sadly, we explored only negative feedback. People are surprised by the weird pricing of the items. They are reporting the portal to be a scam and warning others not to shop from it. 

Seeing such negative feedback, we can’t hope that buyers will show interest in shopping from the store. Moreover, the social media absence of the website is making it more suspicious. We still prefer to wait for some more comments from the people to do the final judgment easily. 


Giving a close to the article by sharing the answer to Is Everyday Electronics Shop Legit? The store seems highly suspicious. It has many drawbacks that don’t allow buyers to shop.

We suggest you to wait for a while so that the store gets some comments. You can explore other shopping websites for purchasing electronic gadgets.

Which is the latest electronic gadget that you want to purchase? Share your views about it in the comment box.

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