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Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit (Dec) Check Reviews!

Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit? You can figure it out by reading the content below; moreover, check the service policy, specifications, pros and cons, etc.

Do you want to browse new collections of jewelry, accessories, travel gear, etc.? Does your regular online shopping site have a limited stock of products? Then read the content.

Extreme Shopping Store, a United States-based store, is advertising to have extensive fresh collections of the product genre products at a cheap price rate in the Philippines.

However, Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit? Purchasing anything from a new site has specific risks, and we are here to wipe out your worry regarding this site. Let’s verify together its authenticity-

How trustable is the Extreme Shopping Store?

After undergoing thorough research, we found some crucial points that are listed below-

  • Domain Name: The name which is listed is EXTREMESHOPPINGSTORE.COM.
  • Location Legality: No location details are disclosed; hence no verification has proceeded.
  • Website Age: The creation date is 8th April 2020; therefore, the age is more than 1.5 years. It’s going to expire on 8th April 2022.
  • Remarks: Few Extreme Shopping Store Reviews are readable.
  • Trust Index: It’s too poor- 1% only.
  • Social-media Account: We failed to find its connection with social-media. There is no account available.
  • Broken Link: 1 non-clickable link is detected.
  • Copied Content: Around 43 percent of piracy content has been detected with our research.
  • Owner Details: Extreme Shopping Store holds the legal authority of this website.
  • Payment Modes: It is multiple.
  • Missing Details: Address details.

After analyzing the factors above, we can’t deny its poor credibility. Moreover, being present for over 1.5 years, the site did not get much authority so, it might be suspicious.

What is an Extreme Shopping Store?

Extreme Shopping Store is the e-com shopping destination; however, Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit? Well, the shop sells various items such as apparel, jewelry, accessories, travel essentials, entertainment items, etc. The products consist of a lengthy description with multiple photo demos, which is good for the users to get a fair idea about the product. 

Additionally, products have multiple color options. Moreover, a fall sale is running where a 30 percent rebate is given. Let’s analyze its policy details, features, and other elements to get a clear picture regarding its trustability.


  • Website Address: https://extremeshoppingstore.com
  • Phone Number: (641) 328-8682
  • Address: The details are not disclosed.
  • Remarks: There are some Extreme Shopping Store Reviews
  • Email ID: info@extremeshoppingstore.com
  • Cancellation Process: The process details are unknown.
  • Shipping Procedure: The shipping can take 7-10 working days (including processing time) for the Philippines and foreign countries.
  • Transportation Costs: The flat rate is 4.95 USD for the USA and global shipping.
  • Refund System: No specific time boundary is provided for the refund process.
  • Return Process: A 30-day legal time is given for the return.
  • Replacement System: The fast way to get it is by returning the product and again making another buy.
  • Payment System: Amex, JCB, Discover, PayPal, Visa, etc.
  • Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit: There is no firm evidence of its legality.

What are the benefits of using Extreme Shopping Store?

  • The site comes with various collections of fresh apparel, accessories, jewelry, travel essentials, etc.
  • It holds an active SSL certificate.
  • A global freight system is available.

What are the disadvantages of using Extreme Shopping Store?

  • Existence of negative comments and ratings on complaining channels.
  • Poor trust-index.
  • No connectivity with social media.
  • The address detail is hidden.
  • There is no information about customs fees for international freight.
  • It hasn’t received any recognition despite serving for over 1.5 years.

What do consumers say about ‘Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit’?

We found no remarks on the site; however, we noticed some comments are available on some external feedback media. Platforms like the Complaints Board, one user has stated that she didn’t get the order even after contacting them via email ID.

On Hellopeter.com, one person rated the site with 1 star and commented that he also did not receive the product even after 7 months and 12 emails. Additionally, it has no social media account. By checking these negative comments, we advise buyers to buy fashion products from other sites. Also, read the process to get money on PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Extreme Shopping Store Legit? Yes, we must say it’s suspicious. The negative feedback, poor trust-index, no connectivity with social media, etc., are highly questionable. So, we don’t recommend buying anything from this site. Also, check the methods to get refunds on credit card scams. What’s your opinion regarding the site? Please mention below.

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