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Is Get My Payment Legit (Jan) Find Out The Details Here!

Is Get My Payment Legit (Jan) Find Out The Details Here! >> This article tells you about an IRS portal that has become a favorite of scammers, and we will update you with all the crucial details of it.

Is Get My Payment Legit has found its way among the most searched queries of users. If you’re unaware, it’s a government portal operated by the IRS; we’ll provide all additional information later. Due to the reports of several fraudulent activities, users are now raising questions about this online portal’s legitimacy. There’s been a lot of discussion about how a government website can be unsafe. 

If you want all of these details and the answers to these questions, please keep reading this article. We’ll give you all the relevant information to keep you updated about the United States situation.

What is Get My Payment?

Get My Payment is a portal and a mobile application launched by the IRS. This app allows users to check the status of their payments. Users can also submit banking information on this website to get the tax returns. This function will enable them to receive payments directly in their accounts instead of receiving a check.

Is Get My Payment Legit and Safe? 

  • The official portal of this service under the IRS is entirely safe, and several security measures are in effect on this platform in the United States.
  • However, several reports of users are getting scammed and hacked on this website are because of the copied websites.
  • Scammers have made replicas of this website to fool users into thinking it’s the original website and steal their information.
  • Sources suggest that thousands of such replicated websites exist and users often fall under the trap of one.
  • The user may likely end up on a fake website while searching for the original portal.
  • Scammers steal the personal and banking information of users and misuse it.

How to protect yourself from these scams?

Is Get My Payment Legit? The official portal is safe, but take a look at the following measures to avoid falling for scam websites’ fraud.

  • Check the URL of the website and ensure that it matches the URL of the official website.
  • Check security certificates like the SSL.
  • As it’s an IRS website, the URL must end in “irs.gov.”
  • If you’ve received the link in a message or mail, it could be a fraud. Double-check the sender before clicking on it.
  • Always use this platform via its official application. Is Get My Payment Legit? It is safe to visit through the IRS’s website to stay secure.

Final Verdict

IRS has launched a portal called Get My Payment, which will prove beneficial for taxpayers who are looking to claim their stimulus checks or need to enter information to speed up the process. Scammers have used this opportunity to rob users; please follow the steps mentioned above to stay clear of them. 

We have also provided all the other crucial information about these scams and the portal, have a look at it. Now you know the answer to, Is Get My Payment Legit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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