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Is Holiball Legit {Dec} Read The Entire Review Now!

We bring you a comprehensive review to decide Is Holiball Legit? Before you shop on theholiball.com, please read this article.

This Christmas, are you planning to purchase holiballs for decorating your home and office’s indoors and outdoor areas? Do you like to purchase holiballs of different sizes? Would you like to save your time by shopping holiballs and bells online in the United States and Canada

Theholiball.com is offering holiballs and bells in different colors and sizes. But, before purchase, would you like to know if theholiball.com is genuine? Then, let us review Is Holiball Legit.

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The legitimacy of Holiball:

  • Creation of Domain: 21st October 2019 at 15:31:33 Hrs.
  • Website Age: the website was created two years and twenty-one days back.
  • Website Expiry: 21st October 2022 at 15:31:33 Hrs. Short life expectancy.
  • Trustworthiness: the trust rank of theholiball.com is 86%(Good).
  • Country of origin: The United States is the country of origin for theholiball.com.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 15/100. The website is more trustworthy and less suspicious.
  • Threat Profile: 1/100. theholiball.com has a very low threat profile which is a positive highlight for the security of your personal information. 
  • Holiball Reviews on Phishing Score: 1/100. theholiball.com has a very low score on the pishing profile that is advantageous for the security of user ID, passwords, and payment information.
  • Malware Score: 0/100. theholiball.com has a nil score on malware profile. It means that theholiball.com is not involved in installing hidden applications (or) ads from the background.
  • Spam Score: 1/100. theholiball.com scored very low on spamming profiles. It is a good sign as theholiball.com does not use your e-mails address (or) your contact address to send unwanted ads and messages.
  • Social relations: @theholiball has a considerable presence on FB, Instagram, and Pinterest with more than 21,573 followers.

Brief of Holiball:

To check Is Holiball Legit, we reviewed theholiball.com, an e-commerce website that is more popular during Christmas. It sells them based Holiball® that are engraved with logos of various universities such as the University of Oklahoma, UoT, Clemson University, Louisiana State University, Taxes A&M University, University of Alabama, etc. Additionally, holiballs of different colors are also available in 18 inches and 30 inches sizes. It features:

  • Brights holiballs
  • Classic Christmas holiballs
  • Jewel Tones
  • Metallics holiballs
  • Collections holiballs


  • Buy products at: https://theholiball.com/.
  • Price range: $40 to $75.
  • Address: not provided. It is a negative highlight to check Is Holiball Legit.
  • E-mail address: INFO@THEHOLIBALL.COM. You can also reach customer service using an inbuilt messaging window on theholiball.com.
  • Contact details: not provided.
  • Social media links: Provided and working for FB, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Owner’s details: Kristy Moore, Amberly Hall, and Jennifer Couch sisters are the creators of holiballs and the owner of theholiball.com.
  • Conditions of Use: The terms and conditions are not updated on theholiball.com.
  • Shipping: Shipping is calculated at checkout, depending on the number of products.
  • Delivery Policy: The timeline for delivery is not provided on theholiball.com. This factor was considered to check Is Holiball Legit.
  • Tracking: Tracking products is not possible as information about how the tracking number will be sent to the customer is not given.
  • Returns Policy: not mentioned. 
  • Refund Policy: not mentioned.
  • Payment mode: In USD. theholiball.com did not provide mode of payment information upfront.


  • Holiballs are inflammable,
  • Holiballs are unbreakable,
  • Holiballs are available in different sizes and colors.


  • The theholiball.com features fewer colors of Holiballs that are available in 21 different colors online,
  • Poor design of theholiball.com,
  • Missing information on all types of policies and payment method,
  • Hidden shipping costs and taxes,
  • Most of the product redirects you to store-z1xoleoomy.mybigcommerce.com for purchase.

Customer Holiball Reviews:

On FB, 3,474 customers out of 3,695 have liked Holiball giving a rating of 1.9/5 stars. There are mixed reviews found on Pinterest and Instagram too. Several videos on YouTube about theholiball.com point out that it may be a potentially legitimate website. 

There are fewer reviews found over the internet about theholiball.com. The Alexa ranking of theholiball.com is 557,338, which is considered medium. There are no product reviews present on theholiball.com. As the mode of payments is not provided upfront, we advise you to be cautious about PayPal scams.


We leave it to your discretion to decide Is Holiball Legit. Though theholiball.com has a good trust score, low suspicion profile, and medium Alexa ranking, it has a poor customer rating, and the website does not have any information about shipments, returns, payments, policies (or) refunds. Hence, we suggest you research well and read about Credit Card Scams before making a purchase. 

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