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Is Ihateharrys com Legit {March} Read The Full Review!

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Are you a person very conscious about your look? Looking to buy the best quality razor? Please look at Ihateharrys website to buy the best quality razor for their customer. 

People from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are looking for the best and most reliable website to purchase a razor for their regular use. If you are one of the people among them, this article will help you find the best solution. 

Let’s clarify Is Ihateharrys com Legit or not in the below things. 

Verification of Ihateharrys com website? 

The following things will provide clarification on the website’s legitimacy.  

  • Domain Age: The domain created date is 30th March 2021, and the website’s age is 11 months 23 days old.
  • Trust Score: This website has a horrible trust score of 8%. 
  • Valid Contact Number: we didn’t get any valid contact details on their website.
  • Reliable Official Address: they didn’t post the contact address on their website.
  • Discounts– we can’t get any discount information on this website. 
  • Percentage of Pirated Content: we didn’t get any valuable content in this portal.
  • Social Media Presence: They don’t have social media presence, and also, we can’t find any Ihateharrys com Review on their website. 
  • Alexa Ranking: the website ranker 9455179. 

What is Ihateharrys com? 

Ihateharrys com is one of the online shopping platforms where you can get the best quality razors. You can also buy a combo kit of razors from their site, which is durable. The kit contains shave cream, shave balm, and their signature razor. With the help of their razor, you can get the best look without visiting the salon. 

In this hectic world, visiting a salon frequently is difficult, but now you can shave your unwanted hair in your free time. But you should know Is Ihateharrys com Legit or not before investing your money. 


  • Website URL- https://www.jeremysrazors.com/
  • The website was authorized accepted on- 23rd March 2021.
  • The web domain was updated on- 30th March 2021.
  • The website will end on- 30th March 2022
  • Email address- they didn’t mention
  • Official Address- They did not mention the store’s official address.
  • Owners Name- The owner’s name is missing from this website 
  • Phone number-Absent
  • Shipping Policy: we can’t get any details on the shipping policy on their website
  • Free shipping- not mentioned on the website
  • Social media availability- This website is not linked to any social media platforms that fail to indicate Is Ihateharrys com Legit.
  • Expedited Shipping- absent.
  • Return Policy- we can get details about the return policy.
  • Refund Policy- they didn’t mention the refund policy.
  • Exchange Policy- absent.
  • Cancellation Policy- absent. 
  • Payment modes- we can’t find any payment details on their website home page. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the website. 

Before buying products online, you should give some attention to verifying the pros and cons of the website. With the help of advanced technology now you can get all the information on google. So you should check once before approaching them. 

Pros to clarify Is Ihateharrys com Legit or not. 

  • You can get the best quality razor from their website 
  • They also provide a combo kit to their customer

Cons to know 

  • They didn’t post any valid contact number and address on their website
  • We can’t get any payment details, shipping, and delivery details on their website.
  • The website carries a terrible trust score level, and also the domain creation date is less than one year. 

The things mentioned above denote that buying products from this website can be a risk for the customer. So you should be aware before entering this website. 

Ihateharrys com Review

The honest reviews from the website will boost productivity. Buyers prefer to buy the products when they maintain a good relationship with their customers. Reviews from the customer are the key to increasing the selling and creating awareness about the product. 

But unfortunately, we can’t find Ihateharrys.com Review from any website. We recommend reading Methods to Get Money Back on Credit Card for some precautions.


Most people lose their money by buying products from a fake websites. To complete the authentication of the website before purchasing. Our detailed research will help you understand, Is Ihateharrys com Legit or not. You can easily find the scammer website because they didn’t maintain a proper number and address. 

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